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245 03 An element of controversy :|bthe life of chlorine in 
       science, medicine, technology and war /|cedited by Hasok 
       Chang and Catherine Jackson 
246 10 Life of chlorine in science, medicine, technology and war 
260    [London] :|bBritish Society for the History of Science,
300    ix, 407 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm 
440  0 BSHS monographs ;|v13 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tThe discovery of chlorine : a window on the chemical 
       revolution /|rRuth Ashbee --|tThe elementary nature of 
       chlorine /|rTamsin Gray, Rosemary Coates and Marten 
       Akesson --|tChlorine and Prout's hypothesis /|rJonathan 
       Nendick, Dominic Scrancher and Olivier Usher --|tLooking 
       into the core of the Sun /|rChristian Guy, Emma Goddard, 
       Emily Milner, Lisa Murch and Andrew B. Clegg --|tObstacles
       in the establishment of chlorine bleaching /|rManchi Chung,
       Saber Farooqi, Jacob Soper and Olympia Brown --|tChlorine 
       disinfection and theories of disease /|rAnna Lewcock, 
       Fiona Scott-Kerr and Elinor Mathieson --|tChlorine as the 
       first major chemical weapon /|rFrederick Cowell, Xuan Goh,
       James Cambrook and David Bulley --|tEthics, public 
       relations, and the origins of the Geneva Protocol /|rAbbi 
       Hobbs, Catherine Jefferson, Nicholas Coppeard and Chris 
       Pitt --|tThe rise and fall of "chlorine chambers" against 
       cold and flu /|rDavid Nader and Spasoje Marcinko --|tWar 
       and the scientific community /|rSam Raphael, George 
       Kalpadakis and Daisy O'Reilly-Weinstock --|tThe noisy 
       reception of Silent Spring /|rKimm Groshong --|gEpilogue:
       |tTurning an undergraduate class into a professional 
       research community /|rHasok Chang 
650  0 Chlorine|xHistory 
700 1  Chang, Hasok 
700 1  Jackson, Catherine 
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