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245 00 Glycosylation engineering of biopharmaceuticals
       |h[electronic resource] :|bmethods and protocols /|cedited
       by Alain Beck 
260    New York :|bHumana :|bSpringer,|cc2013 
300    1 online resource (xv, 355 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Methods in molecular biology,|x1940-6029 ;|v988 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tEngineering of therapeutic and diagnostic o-glycans on 
       recombinant  mucin-type immunoglobulin fusion proteins 
       expressed in CHO cel /|rLinda Lindberg, Jining Liu, and 
       Jan Holgersson --|tEngineering a human-like glycosylation 
       to produce therapeutic glycoproteins based on 6-linked 
       sialylation in CHO cells /|rNassimal El Maï ... [et al.] -
       -|tGlycoengineered pichia-based expression of monoclonal 
       antibodies /|rDongxing Zha --|tN-glycosylation 
       humanization for production of therapeutic recombinant 
       glycoproteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae /|rChristelle 
       Arico, Christine Bonnet, and Christophe Javaud --
       |tEngineering the baculovirus genome to produce 
       galactosylated antibodies in lepidopteran cells /|rSylvie 
       Juliant ... [et al.] --|tNanoLC chips MS/MS for the 
       characterization of n-glycopeptides generated from trypsin
       digestion of a monoclonal antibody /|rElsa Wagner-Rousset 
       ... [et al.] --|tCetuximab Fab and Fc n-glycan fast 
       characterization using IdeS digestion and liquid 
       chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization mass 
       spectrometry /|rMarie-Claire Janin-Bussat ... [et al.] --
       |tTherapeutic antibody glycosylation analysis : a contract
       research organization perspective in the frame of batch 
       release  or comparability support /|rArnaud Delobel ... 
       [et al.] --|tMass spectrometric analysis of o-linked 
       oligosaccharides from various recombinant expression 
       systems /|rDiarmuid T. Kenny ... [et al.] --|tAssessing Fc
       glycan heterogeneity of therapeutic recombinant monoclonal
       antibodies using NP-HPLC /|rT. Shantha Raju --
       |tApplication of capillary electrophoresis in glycoprotein
       analysis /|rRichard R. Rustandi, Carrie Anderson, and 
       Melissa Hamm --|tCharacterization of glycoprotein 
       biopharmaceutical products by caliper LC90 CE-SDS gel 
       technology /|rGrace Chen, Sha Ha, and Richard R. Rustandi 
       --|tHydrophobic interaction chromatography to analyze 
       glycoproteins /|rRichard R. Rustandi --|tLectin 
       glycoprofiling of recombinant therapeutic interleukin-7 /
       |rLudovic Landemarre and Eric Duverger --|tAnalysis of 
       monoclonal antibodies by sedimentation velocity analytical
       ultracentrifugation /|rW. Blaine Stine Jr. --|tNoncovalent
       mass spectrometry for the characterization of antibody/
       antigen complexes /|rCédric Atmanene ... [et al.] --
       |tConformational analysis of recombinant monoclonal 
       antibodies with hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass 
       spectrometry /|rDamian Houde and John R. Engen --|tEpitope
       mapping of antibodies by mass spectroscopy : a case study 
       /|rVictor H. Obungu, Valentina Gelfanova, and Lihua Huang 
       --|tEvaluation of antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity 
       using lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) measurement /|rMatthieu 
       Broussas, Lucile Broyer, and Liliane Goetsch --
       |tEvaluation of complement-dependent cytotoxicity using 
       ATP measurement and C1q/C4b binding /|rLucile Broyer, 
       Liliane Goetsch, and Matthieu Broussas --|tCapture of the 
       human IgG1 antibodies by protein A for the kinetic study 
       of h-IgG/FcgR interaction using SPR-based biosensor 
       technology /|rThierry Champion and Alain Beck --|tMass 
       spectrometry protocol for the absolute quantification  of 
       a monoclonal antibody in serum with immunopurification /
       |rFrançois Becher ... [et al.] 
520    Glyco-engineering is being developed as a method to 
       control the composition of carbohydrates and to enhance 
       the pharmacological properties of monoclonal antibodies 
       (mAbs) and other proteins.  In Glycosylation Engineering 
       of Biopharmaceuticals: Methods and Protocols, experts in 
       the field provide readers with production and 
       characterization protocols of glycoproteins and glyco-
       engineered biopharmaceuticals with a focus on mAbs. The 
       volume is divided in four complementary parts dealing with
       glyco-engineering of therapeutic proteins, glycoanalytics,
       glycoprotein complexes characterization, and PK/PD assays 
       for therapeutic antibodies.  Written in the highly 
       successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, 
       chapters include introductions to their respective topics,
       lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-
       step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips 
       on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.   
       Authoritative and cutting-edge, Glycosylation Engineering 
       of Biopharmaceuticals: Methods and Protocols serves as an 
       ideal guide for scientists striving to push forward the 
       exciting field of engineered biopharmaceuticals 
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650  0 Pharmaceutical biotechnology 
650  0 Glycosylation 
650  0 Biopharmaceutics 
650  2 Glycosylation 
650  2 Biopharmaceutics|xmethods 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Beck, Alain 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tGlycosylation engineering of 
       biopharmaceuticals.|dNew York : Humana ; Springer, c2013
830  0 Methods in molecular biology ;|v988 
856 40 |3SpringerLink|uhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-1-62703-327-
       5|zeBook(Springerlink)(Life Science Group only)