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Title Morrison pahphlets [microform]. 43 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [1999]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.43(ROLL 8508)    AVAILABLE    30530001111038
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series モリソン文庫
東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-III-a-367~406
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Toyo Bunko (Japan). Nanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai
Méritens, Eugène de. Liste alphabétique des Nien hao; ou, Noms donnés par les souverains de la Chine aux années de leur règne, depuis la dynastie des Han jusqu'à la présente dynastic des Thsing ou Tartares Mandchoux (P-III-a-367)
Playfair, G[eorge] M[acdonald] H[ome]. An Anglo-Chinese calendar for the years 1884-1891 (P-III-a-368)
Box, Ernest. The Chinese almanac (P-III-a-370)
The 60 years Anglo-Chinese calendar (中英曆日六十年) (P-III-a-371)
Camerano, Lorenzo. Nouvelle note sur un poisson de Chine appartenant au genre macropode (P-III-a-372-2)
Simon, Eugène. L'acclimatation chez les Chinois (P-III-a-372-1)
Günther, Albert. Report on the collections of reptiles, batrachinans and fishes made by Messrs Potanin and Berezowski in the Chinese provinces Kansu and Sze-chuen (P-III-a-373)
Dzao, Kwel-fung. Dissection of earthworm (Pheretina sp.) (P-III-a-374)
Allen, J. A. Mammals from Shen-si Province, China (P-III-a-375)
Birch, Samuel. On the monkeys known to the Chinese, from the native authorities (P-III-a-376)
Caldwell, Harry R. Experiences with man-eating tigers in China (P-III-a-377)
Fitzgerald, J., tr. Monkeys from a cold climate (P-III-a-378)
Camerano, Lorenzo. Gordiens nouveaux ou peu connus du Musée Zoologique de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St.-Pétersbourg. (Présenté le 7 février.) (P-III-a-379)
Peters, W. H. Mittheilung über die von der chinesischen Regierung zu der internationalen Fischerei-Aus-stellung gesandte Fischsammlung aus Ningpo (P-III-a-380)
Sowerby, Arthur de Carle. On Heude's collection of pigs, sika, serows, and gorals in the Sikawei Museum, Shanghai (P-III-a-381)
Gray, J. E. Note on Ursus lasiotus, a hairy-eared bear from North China (P-III-a-382)
Leatham, A. E. A trip into Central China, and a new variety of deer (P-III-a-383)
Camerano, Lorenzo. Le macropode de Chine (P-III-a-384)
Lydekker, R. On two Chinese serow-skulls (P-III-a-385)
Lydekker, R. The Ichang tufted deer (P-III-a-386)
Thomas, Oldfield. On a collection of small mammals from the Tsin-ling Mountains, Central China, presented by Mr. G. Fenwick Owen to the National Museum (P-III-a-387)
Thomas, Oldfield. On insectivores and rodents collected by Mr. F. Kingdom Ward in N. W. Yunnan (P-III-a-388)
Thomas, Oldfield. Three new rodents from Kan-su ; New rodents from Sze-chwan collected by Capt. F.M. Bailey ; New mammals from central and Western Asia, mostly collected by Mr. Douglas Carruthers (P-III-a-389)
De Winton, W. E. On Chinese mammals, principally from Western Sechuen, with notes on Chinese squirrels, by F. W. Styan (P-III-a-390)
Miller, Gerrit S. A new roe-deer from China (P-III-a-391)
Möllendorff, O. F. von. The Vertebrata of the province of Chihli, with notes on Chinese zoological nomenclature (P-III-a-392)
Kellog, C. R. Household insects (P-III-a-393)
Day, Dye-fu. Some West China hunting notes (P-III-a-394)
Camerano, Lorenzo. Rapport et observations sur l'accouplement d'une espèce de poisson de Chine (P-III-a-395)
Peters, H. W. Vorlesung über eine Sammlung von Fischen, welche Hr. Dr. Gerlach in Hongkong gesandt hat, von Herrn W. Peters vor einer Sitzung der physikalisch-mathematischen Dlasse am 13 Dec. 1880 gelesen (P-III-a-396)
Jacquemart, Frédéric. Tentatives d'éducation du ver sauvage du chêne de la Chine (Bombyx Peryi.) (P-III-a-397)
Thomas, Oldfield. The Duke of Bedford's zoological exploration of Eastern Asia. 15. On mammals from the province of Szechwan and Yunnan, Western China (P-III-a-398)
Thomas, Oldfield. On the panda of Sze-chuen (P-III-a-399)
Schlegel, Gustav. The Shui-yang or watersheep in Chinese accounts from Western Asia and the Agnus Scythicus or vegetable lamb of the European mediaeval travellers (P-III-a-400)
Thomas, Oldfield. Note on the squirrel genus "Zetis" (P-III-a-401)
Miller, Gerrit S. A new squirrel from northeastern China (P-III-a-402)
Thomas, Oldfield. List of mammals from the Shantung Peninsula, N. China. (The Duke of Bedford's zoological exploration of Eastern Asia. 6.) (P-III-a-403)
Thomas, Oldfield. List of mammals from the provinces of Chih-li and Shan-si, N. China. (The Duke of Bedford's zoological exploration of Eastern Asia. 10.) (P-III-a-404)
Thomas, Oldfield. List of mammals obtained by Mr. M. P. Anderson in Japan. (The Duke of Bedford's zoological expedition in Eastern Asia. I.) (P-III-a-405)
Lydekker, R. The white-maned serow (P-III-a-405)
Gigioli, Henry. On some parastical insects from China (P-III-a-406)
Alt Title Morrison pamphlet. 43
The Victoria almanack and Chinese directory for MDCCCXLVII (P-III-a-369)
The Sixty years Anglo-Chinese calendar. From 1st January, 1864, to 31st December, 1923, being from the 1st year of the 76th cycle to the 60th year of the 76th cycle, that is, the 3rd year of Tung Chi, to 12th year of the Republic of China (P-III-a-371)
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