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Across America and Asia : notes of a five years' journey around the world and of residence in Arizona, Japan, and China   2
Across America by bicycle Alice and Bobbi's summer on wheels : Honeywell, Alice; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  c2010 1
Across an Angry Sea : The SAS in the Falklands War : Delves, Cedric,; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2018 1
Across anthropology : troubling colonial legacies, museums, and the curatorial : Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2020 1
Across Asia on a bicycle. The journey of two American students from Constantinople to Peking (III-2-B-81) / Allen, Thomas Gaskell. : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; COMPUTER FILE  2014 1
Across Asia's snows and deserts : Morden, William James,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library, The Archives of ITH ; PRINTED  1927 1
Across Atlantic ice : the origin of America's Clovis culture   2
Across Australia : Spencer, Baldwin,; The Archives of ITH; PRINTED  1912 1
Across borders : cultural and linguistic shifts in the 21st century : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2020 1
Across Borders Latin Perspectives in the Americas Reshaping Religion, Theology, and Life : 中央研究院; 電子書  2013 1
Across borders : migration, transportation, and network : Modern History Library; PRINTED  2006 1
Across boundaries : international perspectives on translation studies : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  2007 1
Across central Asia : a journey in central Asia illustrating the geographic basis of history : Huntington, Ellsworth,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  1996 1
Across China : Jenkins, Peter,; Modern History Library; -  1986 1
Across China and Turkestan. (Scrapbook of the Peking correspondent of "The Times," London.) (III-2-B-206) / Morrison, George Ernest, 1862-1920. : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; COMPUTER FILE  2015 1
Across China, from Bhamô to Shanghai (P-XII-a-236-2) / Soltan, Henry. : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; MICROFORM  1999 1
Across China on foot   2
Across China on foot : life in the interior and the reform movement   2
Across China on foot. Life in the interior and the reform movement (III-2-B-40) / Dingle, Edwin John. : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; COMPUTER FILE  2014 1
Across Chryse : being the narrative of a journey of exploration through the south China border lands from Canton to Mandalay : Colquhoun, Archibald Ross,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library, Modern History Library, Economics Library, The Archives of ITH ; PRINTED  1883 1
Across conventional lines : selected papers of George A. Olah : Chemistry Library; PRINTED  2003 1
Across cultural borders : historiography in global perspective   3
Across cultures : a reader for writers : Ethnology Library; PRINTED  c1999 1
Across different cultures' emotions in science during the early twentieth century / / Uffa Jensen -- : Ethnology Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED  2014 1
Across Europe and Asia : the arts of Taiwan and Russia : the exchang arts exhibition of professors between the National Taiwan Normal University and St.Petersburg State Academic institute of painting, Sculpture and Architecture-Repin institute : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2009 1
Across forest, steppe, and mountain : environment, identity, and empire in Qing China's borderlands : Bello, David Anthony,; 人文社會聯圖, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED  2016 1
Across four hundred years of geography : a collection of papers on series of world map : Modern History Library; PRINTED  2011 1
Across generations : immigrant families in America : 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED  c2009 1
Across God's frontiers : Catholic sisters in the American West, 1850-1920 : Butler, Anne M.,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  c2012 1
Across intellectual property : essays in honour of Sam Ricketson : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2020 1
Across latitudes between 42 : Dept. of Architecture Chung-Yuan University graduate projects 2009 : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2009 1
Across literary and linguistic diversities : essays on comparative literature : Goethe Society Of India,; CLP Library; PRINTED  2014 1
Across Madura Strait : the dynamics of an insular society : Ethnology Library, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED  1995 1
Across meridians : history and figuration in Karen Tei Yamashita's transnational novels   2
Across Mexico in 1864-5 : Bullock, W. H.; The Archives of ITH; PRINTED  1866 1
Across Mongolia by motor-car (P-V-B-a-55) / Andrews, Roy Chapman. : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; MICROFORM  1999 1
Across Mongolian Plain   2
Across Mongolian plains : a naturalist's account of China's great northwest   3
Across New Guinea from the Fly to the Sepik : Champion, Ivan F.; The Archives of ITH; PRINTED  1932 1
Across oceans of law : the Komagata Maru and jurisdiction in the time of empire : Mawani, Renisa,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2018 1
Across-Region Marriages: Poverty, Female Migration and the Sex Ratio / / Ravinder KAUR -- : 人文社會聯圖, RCHSS Library ; PRINTED  2021 1
Across Siberia alone : an American woman's adventures : Lee, Helena Crumett "Mrs. J. C. Lee"; Modern History Library; PRINTED  1914 1
Across Siberia on the great post-road : Wenyon, Charles; The Archives of ITH; PRINTED  1896 1
Across space and time : architecture and the politics of modernity : Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2017 1
Across space and time : papers from the 41st Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology : Perth, 25-28 March 2013 : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2015 1
Across space and time (Transaction Publishers) : Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2017 1
"Across spaces of the footed line": the meter and versification of Robert Frost / / Timothy Steele -- : Faggen, Robert,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  2001 1
Across species and cultures : whales, humans, and Pacific worlds : Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2022 1
Across the aisle : Kneeland, Timothy W.,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  2016 1
Across the Aisle : The Seven-Year Journey of the Historic Montgomery GI Bill: A Case Study in the Art of Legislative Leadership : Montgomery, G. V. Sonny; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2010 1
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