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100 1  Minott-Bent, Rupertia Janet 
245 10 Action research in computer-facilitated learning and the 
       implications for pre-service teacher development: A 
       computer-mediated approach 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 64-
       10, Section: A, page: 3650 
500    Adviser: Doug McDougall 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Toronto (Canada), 2003 
520    This study is a qualitative study of five preservice 
       teachers as they attempt to integrate computer-facilitated
       learning in their instructional practices. The integration
       of computer-facilitated learning is explored through a 
       computer-mediated action research approach; which is both 
       a method and a phenomenon. The study emerged after a 
       review of pertinent research on preservice teacher 
       education and computers and recognition of the lack of 
       detail in the literature concerning preservice teacher 
       development in computer education. Such detail is needed 
       if educators are to deal with the ever-changing nature of 
       information technology and the curricula and thus be able 
       to offer appropriate assistance 
520    A computer-mediated action research approach, which 
       combined face-to-face meetings, online conferences, 
       collection of computer-facilitated learning experiences, 
       and surveys were used to gather data over a one-year 
       period to describe five cases. The case studies recount 
       preservice teachers' reflections as they integrated 
       computers into their classroom programs and were based on 
       data gathered through the online conference, two focus 
       group meetings and two surveys. For each case, I used the 
       action research framework to chronicle their experiences 
       and reflections. Their use of computer-facilitated 
       learning included a variety of applications and related 
       issues including, the Internet, multimedia applications, 
       equity and computers in schools, and computer-based 
       reading programs. Key messages that the participants 
       voiced included the importance of a collaborative network 
       of teachers at the host school and at the site of teacher 
       education courses, the role of diversity in computer-
       mediated environments, the need for balance between 
       computer skills and computer applications, and the need to
       see computer-facilitated learning activities modeled. 
       Hence, this study has significant implications for those 
       concerned with preservice teacher education and growth of 
       preservice teachers in the area of computer-facilitated 
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710 20 University of Toronto (Canada) 
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