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245 00 Gendered perspectives on conflict and violence
       |h[electronic resource] /|cedited by Marcia Texler Segal, 
       Vasilikie Demos 
260    Bingley, U.K. :|bEmerald,|c2013 
300    1 online resource (viii, 301 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Advances in gender research,|x1529-2126 ;|vv. 18, pt. A 
505 0  Gendered perspectives on conflict and violence : an 
       introduction / Vasilikie Demos, Marcia Texler Segal -- 
       Victimized again? Intersectionality and injustice in 
       disabled womens lives after hate crime and rape / Susie 
       Balderston -- Feminist reflections on disability hate 
       crime / Mark Sherry -- Intimate partner violence among 
       self-identified queer victims : towards an intersectional 
       awareness in scholarship and organizing surrounding gender
       -based violence / Avery Everhart, Gwen Hunnicutt -- In 
       letting the perpetrator speak : sexual violence and 
       classroom politics / Jane Kilby -- Invisible lives, 
       silenced violence : transphobic gender violence in global 
       perspective / Daniela Jauk -- Belonging to the Jewish 
       nation : life stories of Israeli female combat soldiers / 
       Channa Zaccai -- Private war, private suffering, and the 
       normalizing power of law / Bianca Baggiarini -- 
       Significance of wartime rape / Caterine Arrabal Ward -- 
       Out of southeast Europe : gender-based violence, public 
       transitions, and the search for home / Susan C. Pearce -- 
       Layers of violence : a gender perspective on media 
       reporting on infant rape in South Africa / Jessica Dutton 
       -- Gender equality, attitudes to gender equality, and 
       conflict / ├┤sa Ekvall 
520    The chapters in this two-part volume deal with a range of 
       gender-based violence issues that are making news 
       headlines daily. In Part A the contributors address the 
       ways in which wartime rape is treated in international 
       courts, why and how the gender language used at the United
       Nations matters, how asylum-seekers fleeing gendered 
       violence are treated, how the press and the courts frame 
       rape and other acts of violence, perceptions and responses
       of and to disabled and LGBTQ people who are victims of 
       gendered violence, the ways we respond to the perpetrators
       of violence, and the relationship of military service to 
       nationalism. The focus of the volume is global in the 
       sense that international law and tribunals are discussed 
       and norms and attitudes from global samples are compared. 
       A variety of qualitative and quantitative methods 
       including interviews, textual analysis, autoethnography, 
       and secondary analysis of large sample surveys are 
       employed. Each of the chapters has theoretical as well as 
       policy or social implications 
650  0 Women|xAbuse of 
650  0 Family violence 
650  0 Gender identity 
700 1  Segal, Marcia Texler,|d1940- 
700 1  Demos, Vasilikie P 
830  0 Advances in gender research ;|vv. 18, pt. A 
856 40 |uhttp://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/book/10.1108/S1529-