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245 00 Notions of family|h[electronic resource] :|bintersectional
       perspectives /|cedited by Marla H. Kohlman, Dana B. Krief,
       Bette J. Dickerson 
260    Bingley, U.K. :|bEmerald,|c2013 
300    1 online resource (xxv, 292 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Advances in gender research,|x1529-2126 ;|vv. 17 
505 0  Introduction : intersectional dynamics of gender, family, 
       and work / Marla H. Kohlman, Dana B. Krieg -- Cultivating 
       gendered talents? : the intersection of race, class, and 
       gender in the concerted cultivation of U.S. elementary 
       students / Catharine H. Warner, Melissa A. Milkie -- 
       Blocked opportunities and gendered power : inability to 
       attain preferred gender roles / Kathryn A. Sweeney, 
       Delores P. Aldridge -- Women of color participating in 
       personal advertising : dating, mating, and relating in a 
       'Post' racial, gendered, and modern society / Pamela Anne 
       Quiroz -- Marrying for the kids : gender, sexual identity,
       and family in same-sex marriage / Katrina Kimport -- Why 
       do you think we don't get married? : homeless mothers in 
       San Francisco speak out about having children outside of 
       marriage / Anne R. Roschelle -- Examining status 
       discrepant marriages and marital quality at the 
       intersections of gender, race, and class / Tracey A. 
       LaPierre, Shirley A. Hill -- Cultural contradiction or 
       integration? : work-family schemas of black middle class 
       mothers / Paul Dean, Kris Marsh, Bart Landry -- Mothering 
       for class and ethnicity : the case of Indian professional 
       immigrants in the United States / Namita N. Manohar -- 
       African Americans' and Latinas' mothering scripts : an 
       intersectional analysis / Karen Christopher -- A campaign 
       for good motherhood? : exploring media discourse on Sarah 
       Palin, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama during the 2008
       presidential election campaign / Heather E. Dillaway, 
       Elizabeth R. Paré -- Intersectionality and work-family 
       balance : a study of black, white, and Mexican-American 
       adults / Rashawn Ray, Pamela Braboy Jackson -- Labor force
       participation among Asian, black, hispanic, and white 
       mothers in 20 Occupations / Liana Christin Landivar 
520    Notions of Family: Intersectional Perspectives presents 
       new and original research on gender and the institution of
       family featuring both quantitative and qualitative 
       analyses. The objective of this volume is to present a 
       framework for understanding the ways in which the salient 
       identities of gender, class position, race, sexuality, and
       other demographic characteristics function simultaneously 
       to produce the outcomes we observe in the lives of 
       individuals as integral forces in the maintenance of 
       family. While there is a large body of literature in each 
       of these demographic areas of analysis and theory, only 
       within the past decade have academics attempted to model 
       and analyze the "simultaneity" of their functioning as one
       concerted force in our everyday lived experience. Moreover,
       there has been little directed focus on any particular 
       institutional force in current textual discussions of 
       intersectionality. We seek to begin the process of 
       addressing this void in the academic literature with this 
       edited volume on the family as a societal institution 
650  0 Families|xResearch 
650  0 Sex role 
650  0 Work and family 
700 1  Kohlman, Marla H 
700 1  Krieg, Dana B 
700 1  Dickerson, Bette J 
830  0 Advances in gender research ;|vv. 17 
856 40 |uhttp://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/book/10.1108/S1529-