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245 00 Gendered perspectives on conflict and violence.|nPart B
       |h[electronic resource] /|cedited by Marcia Texler Segal, 
       Vasilikie Demos 
250    1st ed 
260    Bingley, U.K. :|bEmerald,|c2014 
300    1 online resource (viii, 308 p.) 
490 1  Advances in gender research,|x1529-2126 ;|vv. 18, pt. B 
505 0  More gendered perspectives on conflict and violence : an 
       introduction / Vasilikie Demos and Marcia Texler Segal -- 
       Routine violence : intersectionality at the interstices / 
       Bandana Purkayastha and Kathryn Ratcliff -- Well intended 
       measures : conceptualizing gender as a social structure in
       post-conflict policy development / Elizabeth A. Degi Mount
       -- Resisting gendered religious nationalism : the case of 
       religious-based violence in Gujarat, India / Mangala 
       Subramaniam -- Is religiosity related to reduced abuse in 
       childhood? A community study of ultra-orthodox & secular 
       Jewish women / Marjorie C. Feinson, Adi Meir -- Treating 
       sexual violence as a "business" : reflections on national 
       and international responses to sexual and gender-based 
       violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo / Jane 
       Freedman -- The use of participatory gender analysis for 
       violence reduction in (post-) conflict settings : a study 
       of a community education project in northern Uganda / 
       Colette Harris -- Not all Nazis are men : women's 
       underestimated potential for violence in German neo-
       Nazism. Continuation of the past or novel phenomenon? / 
       Andrea S. Dauber -- "That candy bar ain't free" : managing
       performances of masculinity in prison / Eleanor M. Novek -
       - Before prevention : the trajectory and tensions of 
       feminist anti-violence / Max A. Greenberg and Michael A. 
       Messner -- "Our" honor and "their" honor : the case of 
       honor killings in Turkey / Julie Alev DilmaƧ -- Symbolic 
       violence : reshaping post-patriarchal discourses on gender
       / Franca Bimbi 
520    A global discourse regarding gender and violence is 
       emerging as feminists, media experts, and social 
       scientists consider the place of gender in episodic acts 
       and chronic conditions of violence.  The chapters in this 
       two-part volume offer understandings of the relationship 
       between violence and gender from the global to the 
       domestic level.    In Part B, authors trace the history of
       feminist antiviolence efforts, theorize the reproduction 
       of symbolic gender violence, and show how violence might 
       be re-conceptualized in comparative and intersectional 
       perspective.   They show how historical, cultural and 
       religious elements contribute to or complicate violence, 
       how development efforts can backfire, and how actions and 
       techniques applied by governments and NGOs can reduce or 
       exacerbate violence. Substantive topics addressed are as 
       varied as masculinity in U.S. prisons, child abuse in 
       Israel, neo-Nazism in Germany and religious nationalism in
       India. Much of the research was done on the ground through
       participant observation, interaction in affected 
       communities and interviews with change agents directly 
       involved. Each of the chapters has theoretical as well as 
       policy or social implications 
588    Description based on print version record 
650  0 Women|xAbuse of 
650  0 Women|xCrimes against 
650  0 Women|xViolence against 
650  0 Family violence 
650  0 Gender identity 
700 1  Segal, Marcia Texler,|d1940- 
700 1  Demos, Vasilikie P 
830  0 Advances in gender research ;|vv. 18, pt. B 
856 40 |uhttp://www.emeraldinsight.com/1529-2126/18B