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100 1  Winterbotham, William,|d1763-1829 
240 10 Historical geographical, commercial, and philosophical 
       view of the American United States.|kProspectus 
245 10 America. To be completed in thirty numbers. On Saturday 
       June 28, 1794, will be published, Price One Shilling, 
       number I. To be continued weekly, containing, a beautiful,
       correct, large whole sheet plan of the city of Washington,
       now buillding by order of the American Government, 
       exquisitely engraved by Russell; and sixty-four pages of 
       letter-press, elegantly printed in Octavo, on a fine wove 
       demy paper; of a geographical, commercial, and 
       philosophical view of the present situtation of the United
       Staes of America.|h[electronic resource] :|bComprehending 
       a description of the United States, their extent, civil 
       divisions, chief towns, climates, curiousities, soils, 
       mountains, lakes, bays, rivers, springs and Islands, 
       natural history, productions, population, character, 
       government, provincial consitutions, courts of justice, 
       religion, literature, agriculture, commerce, and history. 
       Copius and interesting account of the late war. General 
       and particular description of the Western Territory, 
       Kentucky, &c. &c. &c. To which is prefixed, a general 
       account of the discovery of America, by Columbus; general 
       description of the whole continent of America, and the 
       numerous tribes of American Indians, their-manners, 
       customs, &c. &c. and to which is added, a view of the 
       present state of the Spanish, French, English, Portuguese,
       and Dutch possessions in America and the West-India 
       Islands. Also, an appendix, containing various interesting
       and valuable papers and instructions relative to 
       cultivating tobacco, rice, maize, sugar, maple tree, &c. &
       c. Illustrated with numerous large maps, charts, and 
       plates, including an extensive number of elegant and 
       accurate representations of the most remarkable quadrupeds,
       brids, fishes, reptiles, &c. &c. peculiar to the American 
       Continent. Compiled from the best and most recent 
       authorities, and from various original and authentic 
       communications. By the Rev. W. Winterbotham, late 
       assistant-preacher at How-Lane Chapel, Plymouth 
260    [London] :|bPrinted for and sold by the editor; H.D. 
       Symonds, Pater-Noster-Row; J. Ridgway, York-street, St. 
       James's-Square, London; and D. Holt, Newark. Sold also by 
       all other booksellers, newscarriers, &c. in Great-Britain 
       and Ireland,|c[1794] 
300    [2]p. ;|c1/4⁰ 
500    The publication of 'An historical geographical, commercial,
       and philosophical view of the American United States' was 
       completed in 1795 
500    Reproduction of original from National Library of Wales 
509    Cf. t131074 
510    English Short Title Catalog,|cT222445 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bFarmington Hills, Mich. :
       |cCengage Gale,|d2009.|nAvailable via the World Wide Web.
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651  0 United States|xHistory|y18th century 
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752    Great Britain|bEngland|dLondon 
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