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Title Morrison pahphlets [microform]. 175 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [1999]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.175(ROLL 8640)    AVAILABLE    30530001112317
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series モリソン文庫
東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-III-b-376~417
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Toyo Bunko (Japan). Nanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai
Dabry, P. Sur l'incubation artificielle en Chine (P-III-b-376)
Antonîĭ, Îeromonakh., comp. O Kitaĭskom shelkovodstvê. Sostavil po kitaĭckim istochnikam Îeromonakh Antonîĭ (P-III-b-377)
Simon, Eugène. Sur la sériciculture en Chine (P-III-b-378)
Castellani, J.-B. comt. Rapport sur l'expédition sériciole en Chine, entreprise pendant l'année 1859 (P-III-b-379)
Meadows,Taylor. Production de la soie et éducation du ver a soie du Chêne, dans le Nord de la Chine (P-III-b-380)
Du Halde, J. B. Des soieries et des vers a Soie en Chine. Extract ... Montpellier (P-III-b-381)
Thiersant, Dabry de. La pisciculture en Chine (P-III-b-383)
Gundry, R. S. Progress in China (P-III-b-384)
McCardle, Miss. M. The iron industry in China (P-III-b-385)
Nishizawa, Kimio. The future of mining in China (P-III-b-386)
Leclère, André. Ressources minérales et avenir économique des Provinces Chinoises voisines du Tonkin (P-III-b-387)
Junghann, Otto. Berg-und Hüttenwesen in China. Vortrag gehalten im Nieder-Rheinischen Bezirkaverein Deutscher Ingenieure am 13 Juni, 1910 (P-III-b-388)
Jamieson, G. The silver question in China. Report on the consumption of silver in China, as shown by the balance of trade between China and foreign countries, and on the effect of the Fall in silver on prices of commodities in China and on the volume of exports (P-III-b-390)
Volpicelli, Z. The silver question in China and the fluctuations of prices, with Tables of numbers and diagrams based on over 5000 prices obtained from ten Provinces (P-III-b-391)
Cordier, Henri. Les sociétés secrètes chinoises (P-III-b-392)
Courant, Maurice. Les associations en Chine (P-III-b-393)
Boyle, Frederick. Chinese secret societies (P-III-b-394)
Masters, Frederic J. Highbinders (A Chinese Secret Society in California) (P-III-b-395)
Champion, Paul. Conservation des ocufs en Chine (P-III-b-396)
Röttger, E. H. Thien, Ti Hoih. 天地會 Himmel Erde Bruderschaft. Geschichte der Brüderschaft des Himmels und der Erden, der communistischen Propaganda China's (P-III-b-397)
Mets, J. A. Chinese secret societies (P-III-b-398)
Champion, Paul. Sur la fabrication de fromage des pois en Chine et au Japon (P-III-b-399)
Davison, Mary. The babies of Chinatown (P-III-b-400)
Rivetta, Pietro Silvio. Il matrimonio nel diritto Cinese (P-III-b-402)
Goodnow, F. J. The Parliament of the Republic of China. A Memorandum submitted to the President of the Republic of China (P-III-b-403)
Martin, Ch. E. Quelques généralités sur l'alimentation en Chine (P-III-b-404)
Courtellemont, Gervais. Ce que vant le Yunnan (P-III-b-405)
Walton, Joseph M. P. The China crisis- its causes and its solution. Paper read on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, 1901, followed by discussion (P-III-b-406)
Drew, Edward B. The Harvard Medical School of China, at Shanghai (P-III-b-408)
Drew, Edward B. The Harvard Medical School at Shanghai (P-III-b-409)
Customs Association. Proposed superannuation scheme (P-III-b-410)
Tong, Hollington K. The New President of China. July, 1916 (P-III-b-411)
Hoang, Pierre. Tableaux des Titres et des Appellations de l'Empereur, des Membres de sa Famille et des Mandarins (P-III-b-412)
Strother, French. An American physician-diplomat in China (P-III-b-414)
Novy, Frederick G. The Bubonic Plague (P-III-b-415)
Flint, James M. Chinese Medicine (P-III-b-416)
Harlez, C. de. Quelques Traits de l'Art Medical chez les Chinois (P-III-b-417)
Alt Title Morrison pamphlet. 175
Pisciculture et élevage des animaux domestiques en Chine (P-III-b-382)
The Wei hai wei Gold Mining Company Limited. Report of Extraordinary General Meetings of shareholders held in Shanghai 15 Dec., 1904. 11th and 18th Jan. and Feb. 20, 1905 (P-III-b-389)
The natural history of the Chinese boy and of the Chinese girl : a study in sociology (P-III-b-401)
The general policy of the Chinese Government (P-III-b-407)
A brief hidtorical sketch of pioneer American Medical Missionaries (P-III-b-413)
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