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Title Morrison pamphlets [microform]. 264 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [2012]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.264(ROLL 8772)    AVAILABLE    30530001199900
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series 東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-XVII-a(28)-402~405, P-XVII-a(29)-406~420, P-XVII-a(30)-421~440(缺438,439), P-XVII-a(31)-441~450
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Stejneger, Leonhard. A new opisthoglyph snake from Formosa (P-XVII-a-402)
Cachon, Mermet de. Les Aïnos. Origine, langue, moeurs, religion (P-XVII-a-403)
Vaughn, Arthur Pierce. A holiday in Ainu-land (P-XVII-a-404)
Todd, Habel Loomis. In Aino-land (P-XVII-a-405)
Goodrich, J. K. Ainu family-life and religion (P-XVII-a-406)
Goodrich, J. K. Ainu houses and their furnishing (P-XVII-a-407)
Goodrich, J. K. A study of the Ainu of Yezo (P-XVII-a-408)
Ackermann, Jessie. Some notes on the Ainu (P-XVII-a-409)
Pfizmaier, August. Erörterungen und Aufklärungen über Aino (P-XVII-a-410)
Kuropatkin, Gen. Japan's strength in war. Tr. by George Kennan (P-XVII-a-411)
Schlegel, Gustavus. Repliek op Mr. L. Serrurier's beantwoording van mijne kritiek van het Japansch-Nederlandsch en Japansch-Engelsch woordenboek Deel III (P-XVII-a-412)
Serrurier, L. Prof. Schlegel's zoogenaamde kritiek van het Japansch-Nederlandsch en Japansch-Engelsch woordenboek Deel III (P-XVII-a-413)
Schlegel, Gustavus. Review based upon: Japansch-Nederlandsch woordenboek door Dr. J. J. Hoffmann. 1892 (P-XVII-a-414)
Pauthier, G. Rapport sur l'essai de grammaire japonaise, composé par M. J. H. Donker Curtius (P-XVII-a-415)
Alcock, Rutherford. Familiar dialogues in Japanese with English and French translations for the use of students (P-XVII-a-416)
Kanda, Naibu. A short statement of the aim and method of the Rōmaji Kai (P-XVII-a-417)
Yatabe, Ryokichi. A short statement of the aim and method of the Rōmaji Kai (P-XVII-a-417)
Guernsey, A. H. The Mikado's Empire (P-XVII-a-418)
Jimbo, Kotora. Preliminary notes on the geology of Japanese Sakhalin (Reprint from the Transaction of the Sapporo Natural History Society, vol. 2, parts 1-2, 1907-1908) (P-XVII-a-419)
Dolliver, Senator Johathan P. Significance of the Anglo-Japanese alliance (P-XVII-a-420)
Zeta. The Anglo-Japanese alliance, and after (P-XVII-a-421)
Fischer, Adolf. Streifzüge durch Formosa (P-XVII-a-422)
Harris, Townsend. Annual report of the United States Consul in Japan, 1862. by Townsend Harris (P-XVII-a-423)
Harris, Townsend. Mr. Townsend Harris to the ministers for foreign affairs of Japan [of U.S.A] (P-XVII-a-424)
Simon, Edmund. Riukiu, ein Spiegel für Altjapan (P-XVII-a-426)
Jordan, David Starr. A review of the oplegnathoid fishes of Japan. Descriptions of two new species of squaloid sharks from Japan (P-XVII-a-427)
Oka, Asajiro. Vertrocknung und Wiederbelebung bei einer Süßwasser-Hirudinee (P-XVII-a-428)
Mikami, Yoshio. On a problem of Japanese mathematic[s] (P-XVII-a-429)
Mikami, Yoshio. On a Japanese astronomical treatise based on Dutch works (P-XVII-a-430)
Mikami, Yoshio. Hatono Sōha and the mathematics of Seki (P-XVII-a-431)
Mikami, Yoshio. On the Dutch art of surveying as studies in Japan (P-XVII-a-432)
Cordier, Henri. Les Français aux ìles Lieou K'ieou (P-XVII-a-433)
Komatz, Midori. Japan : its present and future (P-XVII-a-434)
Semple, Ellen Churchill. Japanese colonial methods (P-XVII-a-435)
Nitobe, Inazo. Japanese colonization (P-XVII-a-436)
Oka, Asajiro. Ein neues Limnocodium aus Japan (P-XVII-a-437)
Fischer, Emil S. Oriental Culture Academy in Tokyo visited (P-XVII-a-440)
Garaix, R. P. J. A Sancian. La tombe de Saint Françoise-Xavier 1552-1907 (P-XVII-a-442)
Müller, Max. Einiges über Kolonisation, Ackerbau u. Viehzucht auf japanisch-Sachalin u. Niederlandisch-Indien (P-XVII-a-443)
Rosny, Léon de. Questions d'archéologie japonaise (P-XVII-a-445)
Clark, Victor S. The rising tide in Japan (P-XVII-a-446)
Stejneger, Leonhard. A list of the birds hitherto reported as occurring in the Liu-kiu Islands, Japan (P-XVII-a-448)
Clement, Ernest W. Chinese refugees of the seventeenth century in japan (P-XVII-a-449)
Thomas, Oldfield. Small mammals from the Islands of Saghalien and Hokkaido (P-XVII-a-450)
Alt Title Special report from the trustees to the subscribers of the David Manson Memorial Hospital at Takow, Formosa (P-XVII-a-425)
Acta et Decreta Primae Provincialis Synodi Tokiensis A.D. 1895. Cum Nutationibus a S. Cong. de Propaganda Fide inductis (P-XVII-a-441)
George Psalmanaazaar (P-XVII-a-444)
The minutes of the annual meeting held in Tokio ( Asiatic Society of Japan.) (P-XVII-a-447)
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