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100 1  Irons, Peter H.,|d1940- 
245 12 A people's history of the Supreme Court :|bthe men and 
       women whose cases and decisions have shaped our 
       Constitution /|cPeter Irons 
250    Rev. ed 
260    New York :|bPenguin Books,|c2006 
300    xx, 588 p. ;|c23 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. [573]-577) and 
505 00 |tForeword /|rHoward Zinn --|tIntroduction : "The genius 
       of the Constitution" --|tSection 1 : "To establish a more 
       perfect union" --|gch. 1.|tMorally sinful by the word of 
       God --|gch. 2.|tThe exigencies of the Union --|gch. 3.
       |tDishonorable to the national character --|gch. 4.|tThe 
       supreme law of the land --|gch. 5.|tThe country must 
       finally decide --|gch. 6.|tThe plot thickens fast --|gch. 
       7.|tThe nauseous project of amendments --|tSection 2 : "It
       is a constitution we are expounding" --|gch 8.|tThe Court 
       is now sitting --|gch. 9.|tTo say what the law is --|gch. 
       10.|tThese jarring and discordant judgments --|gch. 11.
       |tThe good and the wise --|gch. 12.|tGreat, good, and 
       excellent man! --|tSection 3 : "Justly and lawfully be 
       reduced to slavery" --|gch. 13.|tA small, pleasant-looking
       Negro --|gch. 14.|tBeings of an inferior order --|gch. 15.
       |tAnother explosion will soon come --|gch. 16.|tA higher 
       law than the Constitution --|gch. 17.|tAn evil eye and an 
       unequal hand --|gch. 18.|tOur Constitution is color-blind 
       --|tSection 4 : "Liberty in a social organization" --|gch.
       19.|tThe spectre of socialism --|tMunn v. Illinois (1877) 
       --|tMugler v. Kansas (1877) --|tChicago, Milwaukee & St. 
       Paul Railway v. Minnesota (1890) --|tUnited States v. E.C.
       Knight Co. (1895) --|tPollock v. Farmers' Loan Co. (1895) 
       --|tIn re Debs (1895) -- 
505 00 |gch. 20.|tThe work was light and healthful --|tAllgeyer 
       v. Louisiana (1897) --|tHolden v. Hardy (1898) --|tLochner
       v. New York (1905) --|tMuller v. Oregon (1908) --|tAdkins 
       v. Children's Hospital (1923) --|gch. 21.|tFalsely 
       shouting fire in a theatre --|tSchenck v. United States 
       (1919) --|tDebs v. United States (1919) --|tAbrams v. 
       United States (1919) --|gch. 22.|tEvery idea is an 
       incitement --|tGitlow v. New York (1925) --|tWhitney v. 
       California (1927) --|tDe Jonge v. Oregon (1937) --
       |tHerndon v. Lowry (1937) --|gch. 23.|tThe general welfare
       of the United States --|tHome Building & Loan Assn. v. 
       Blaisdell (1934) --|tNebbia v. New York (1934) --
       |tSchechter Poultry Corp. v. United States (1935) --
       |tUnited States v. Butler (1936) --|gch. 24.|tTo save the 
       Constitution from the Court --|tCarter v. Carter Coal Co. 
       (1936) --|tMorehead v. Tipaldo (1936) --|tWest Coast Hotel
       v. Parrish (1937) --|gch. 25.|tHughes thundered out the 
       decision --|tNLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. (1937) --
       |tSection 5 : "Beyond the reach of majorities" --|gch. 26.
       |tWe live by symbols --|tUnited STates v. Carolene 
       Products Co. (1938) --|tMinersville School Board v. 
       Gobitis (1940) --|tWest Virginia Board of Education v. 
       Barnette (1943) --|gch. 27.|tA Jap's a Jap --|tHirabayashi
       v. United States (1943) --|tKorematsu v. United States 
       (1944) --|tEx parte Endo (1944)" --|gch. 28.|tMy little 
       soul is overjoyed --|tGaines v. Canada (1938) --|tSipuel 
       v. Oklahoma Board of Regents (1948) --|tShelley v. Kraemer
       (1948) --|tSweatt v. Painter (1950) --|tDennis v. United 
       States (1951) -- 
505 00 |gch. 29.|tGive me the colored doll --|tBrown v. Board of 
       Education (1954) --|gch. 30.|tWar on the Constitution --
       |tBrown v. Board of Education, cont. (1954) --|tCooper v. 
       Aaron (1958) --|gch. 31.|tA better place because he lived 
       --|tEverson v. Board of Education (1947) --|tMcCollum v. 
       Illinois (148) --|tEngel v. Vitale (1962) --|tAbington 
       Township v. Schempp (1963) --|tLee v. Weisman (1992) --
       |tReynolds v. Sims (1964) --|tHeart of Atlanta Motel v. 
       United STates (1964) --|tMiranda v. Arizona (1966) --
       |tUnited STates v. O'Brien (1968) --|tTinker v. Des Moines
       (1969) --|tNew York Times v. Sullivan (1964) --|tSection 6
       : "A right of personal privacy" --|gch. 32.|tYou've been 
       taking pure thalidomide --|tSkinner v. Oklahoma (1942) --
       |tGriswold v. Connecticut (1965) --|gch. 33.|tThe raw 
       edges of Human existence --|tRoe v. Wade (1973) --|gch. 
       34.|tTruly a Pandora's box --|tRegents v. Bakke (1978) --
       |tBowers v. Hardwick (186) --|gch. 35.|tI fear for the 
       future --|tWebster v. Reproductive Health Services (1989) 
       --|tTexas v. Johnson (1989) --|tRichmond v. J.A. Croson 
       Co. (1989) --|tPlanned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) -- 
505 00 |tSection 7 : "It is a cultural war" --|gch. 36.|tOne 
       nation under God --|tBoard of Airport Commissioners v. 
       Jews for Jesus (1987) --|tWestside School District v. 
       Mergens (1990) --|tCenter Moriches School District v. 
       Lamb's Chapel (1993) --|tRosenberger v. University of 
       Virginia (1995) --|tSanta Fe School District v. Doe (2000)
       --|tElk Grove School District v. Newdow (2004) --
       |tMcCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky (2005) --|gch. 37.
       |tThe values we share with a wider civilization --|tRomer 
       v. Evans 91996) --|tLawrence v. Texas (2003) --|tCruzan v.
       Missouri (1990) --|tWashington v. Glucksberg (1997) --
       |tVasco v. Quill (1997) --|tStenberg v. Carhart (2000) --
       |gch. 38.|tA blank check for the President --|tBush v. 
       Gore (2000) --|tGrutter v. Bollinger (2003) --|tGratz v. 
       Bollinger (2003) --|tHamdi v. Rumsfeld (2005) --|tPadilla 
       v. Rumsfeld (2005) --|tRasul v. Bush (2005) -|tEpilogue : 
       "One of us will have a pick" --|tUnited States 
       Constitution --|tThe Justices of the Supreme Court --
       |tNotes --|tSources for further reading --|tIndex 
520    Beginning with the debates over judicial power in the 
       Constitutional Convention of 1787 to controversial rulings
       on slavery, racial segregation, free speech, school prayer,
       abortion, and gay rights, constitutional scholar Peter 
       Irons offers a penetrating look at the highest court in 
       the land. Here are revealing sketches of every justice 
       from John Jay to Samuel Alito, as well as portraits of 
       such legal giants as John Marshall, Oliver Wendell Holmes,
       Earl Warren, and Thurgood Marshall. Astute, provocative, 
       and extremely accessible, A People's History of the 
       Supreme Court illuminates and pays tribute to a system of 
       justice that both reflects and parallels our country's 
       remarkable legal history. The revised edition has been 
       updated to include recent landmark cases and changes on 
       the bench 
610 10 United States.|bSupreme Court|xHistory 
650  0 Constitutional law|zUnited States 
650  0 Law|xPolitical aspects 
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