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111 2  Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems|n(24 :
       |d2014 :|cCalgary) 
245 10 Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXIV :
       |bproceedings of a conference held at Calgary, Alberta, 
       Canada 5-9 October 2014 /|cedited by A. R. Taylor, E. 
246 3  Astronomical data analysis software and systems 24 
246 3  ADASS XXIV 
260    San Francisco :|bAstronomical Society of the Pacific,
300    xxiv, [2], 594 s. :|bill.,|c24 cm 
490 0  Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems,|x1080-
       7926 ;|v24 
490 1  Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series,
       |x1050-3390 ;|v495 
505 1  Part I. Birds of a Feather Sessions, Demos, and Focus 
       Demos -- Part II. Big Data Challenges -- Part III. 
       Visualisation for Astronomy -- Part IV. Large Surveys -- 
       Part V. Data Analysis and Pipelines -- Part VI. Web 
       Services and APIs -- Part VII. Metadata Management and 
       File Formats for Astronomical Data 
520    This volume of the ASP Conference Series contains the 
       proceedings of the twenty-fourth conference on 
       Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems. This 
       annual conference, held in a different location each year,
       is a forum for scientists, systems developers, and 
       programmers working in areas related to algorithms, 
       software, and systems for the acquisition, reduction, 
       analysis, and dissemination of astronomical data. 
       Development of software and systems for processing and 
       analyzing astronomical data is a rapidly evolving field. 
       Advances in detector technologies and data acquisition 
       systems at astronomical observatories over the past 
       decades has created massive and ever growing archives of 
       astronomical data, creating challenges in data curation, 
       data management, and access to both historical and current
       data. At the same time, new large-scale sky surveys from 
       gamma-ray to radio-wave radiation require intelligent 
       pipeline processing systems to turn raw data into useable 
       information in a timely fashion. Major facilities on the 
       horizon, such as the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and 
       the Square Kilometre Array, will create data at 
       unprecedented rates, driving a need for scalable solutions
       to processing, analysis, and visualisation challenges for 
       astronomical Big Data. To share ideas and directions on 
       the latest developments, ADASS XXIV contributors addressed
       the following themes: Big Data challenges, large surveys, 
       Web services and APIs, how we code today for data analysis
       and pipelines, meta-data management, visualisation for 
       astronomy, and file formats for astronomical data. This 
       volume contains 128 papers representing the invited, 
       contributed, and poster papers presented at the conference,
       as well as "Birds of a Feather" sessions and 
       demonstrations of new software systems 
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830  0 Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series ;
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