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Author Mayr, Gerald
Title Avian Evolution : The Fossil Record of Birds and Its Paleobiological Significance
Imprint Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2016
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Edition 1st ed
Descript 1 online resource (326 pages)
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Series TOPA Topics in Paleobiology Ser
TOPA Topics in Paleobiology Ser
Note Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- Foreword -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter 1 An Introduction to Birds, the Geological Settings of Their Evolution, and the Avian Skeleton -- Birds Are Evolutionarily Nested within Theropod Dinosaurs -- The Geological Settings of Avian Evolution in a Nutshell -- Characteristics of the Avian Skeleton -- Chapter 2 The Origin of Birds -- Archaeopteryx: The German "Urvogel" and Its Bearing on Avian Evolution -- The Closest Maniraptoran Relatives of Birds -- Feather Evolution -- The Origin of Avian Flight -- Chapter 3 The Mesozoic Flight Way towards Modern Birds -- Jeholornithids: Early Cretaceous Long-Tailed Birds -- Confuciusornis, Sapeornis, and Kin: Basal Birds with a Pygostyle -- Ornithothoraces and the Origin of Sustained Flapping Flight Capabilities -- The Ornithuromorpha: Refinement of Modern Characteristics -- Ornithurae and the Origin of Modern Birds -- Chapter 4 Mesozoic Birds: Interrelationships and Character Evolution -- The Interrelationships of Mesozoic Birds: Controversial Phylogenetic Placements and Well-Supported Clades -- Character Evolution in Mesozoic Birds -- Ontogenetic Development of Mesozoic Birds -- Chapter 5 The Interrelationships and Origin of Crown Group Birds (Neornithes) -- Phylogenetic Interrelationships of Neornithine Birds -- The Mesozoic Fossil Record of Neornithine-Like and Neornithine Birds -- Chapter 6 Palaeognathous Birds (Ostriches, Tinamous, and Allies) -- The Interrelationships of Extant Palaeognathae -- Early Cenozoic Palaeognathous Birds of the Northern Hemisphere -- Long-Winged Ostriches, Rheas, and Tinamous -- Short-Winged Palaeognathous Birds -- Biogeography: A Textbook Example of Gondwanan Vicariance Has Been Dismantled -- Chapter 7 Galloanseres: "Fowl" and Kin -- Galliformes: From Herbivorous Forest Dwellers to Seed Eaters of Open Landscapes
The Waterfowl -- Gastornithids: Giant Herbivorous Birds in the Early Paleogene of the Northern Hemisphere -- Dromornithids (Mihirungs or Thunderbirds): Gastornis-Like Birds from Australia -- Pelagornithids: Bony-Toothed Birds -- Chapter 8 The "Difficult-to-Place Groups": Biogeographic Surprises and Aerial Specialists -- The Columbiform Birds: Doves, Sandgrouse, ... and Mesites? -- The Hoatzin: A South American Relict Species -- Turacos and Cuckoos -- Bustards -- The "Wonderful" Mirandornithes, or How Different Can Sister Taxa Be? -- Strisores: The Early Diversification of Nocturnal Avian Insectivores -- Chapter 9 Shorebirds, Cranes, and Relatives -- Charadriiformes: One of the Most Diverse Groups of Extant Birds -- From Rail to Crane -- Chapter 10 Aequornithes: Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Carnivores -- Loons: Foot-Propelled Divers of the Northern Hemisphere -- Pelagic Tubenoses and Albatrosses -- Penguins: More Than 60 Million Years of Flightlessness -- The Polyphyletic "Pelecaniformes" and "Ciconiiformes -- Late Cenozoic Turnovers in Marine Avifaunas -- Chapter 11 Cariamiforms and Diurnal Birds of Prey -- Seriemas and Allies: Two Species Now, Many More in the Past -- Diurnal Birds of Prey: Multiple Cases of Convergence among Raptorial Birds -- Chapter 12 The Cenozoic Radiation of Small Arboreal Birds -- The Courol and Mousebirds: Two African Relict Groups -- The Long Evolutionary History of Owls -- Parrots and Passerines: An Unexpected Sister Group Relationship and Its Potential Evolutionary Implications -- Trogons, Rollers, and Woodpeckers: Cavity-Nesters with Diverse Foot Morphologies -- Chapter 13 Insular Avifaunas Now and Then, on Various Scales -- Islands and Isolated Continents as Refugia -- The Evolution of Flightlessness in Predator-Free Environments -- Insular Gigantism and Islands as Cradles of Unusual Morphologies -- Glossary -- References
Index -- Supplemental Images -- EULA
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Link Print version: Mayr, Gerald Avian Evolution : The Fossil Record of Birds and Its Paleobiological Significance Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated,c2016 9781119020769
Subject Birds, Fossil
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