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Title Morrison pamphlets [microform]. 256 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [2012]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.256(ROLL 8764)    AVAILABLE    30530001199926
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series 東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-XVII-a(8)-99~110, P-XVII-a(9)-111~130, P-XVII-a(10)-131~140
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Rea, George Bronson, comp. Japan's place in the sun. The menance to America (P-XVII-a-99)
McKim, John Cole. Japan and America. Tales and the interpretation thereof (P-XVII-a-100)
Duguet, Raymond. La question japonaise aux Etats-Unis (P-XVII-a-101)
Trumbull, George. America and Japan (P-XVII-a-102)
De Forest John William. American ignorance of Oriental languages (P-XVII-a-103)
Okuma, Shigenobu, Count. Count Okuma's speech, delivered on the occasion of the meeting of the Chino-Korean Association. Tr. by K. Hirayama (P-XVII-a-105)
Iyenaga, Toyokichi. Japan's part in the war. Her military advance with the allies in Siberia (P-XVII-a-107)
Longford, Joseph H. Japanese relations with Korea (P-XVII-a-108)
Wendell, Barrett. Japan and righteousness (P-XVII-a-109)
Giles, Herbert A. Japan's debt to China (P-XVII-a-110)
Mathews, Basil. World-politics in Japan (P-XVII-a-111)
Werner, E. T. C.. [Review of] China of Chinese (P-XVII-a-112)
Korostovetz, J. J.. Pre-war diplomacy : the Russo-Japanese problem : treaty signed at Portsmouth U.S.A. 1905 : Diary of J.J. Korostovetz. (P-XVII-a-112)
Adams, William. The original letters of the English pilot, W. A. Written fr. Japan between A.D. 1611 & 1617. Repr. fr. the papers of the Hakluyt Society (P-XVII-a-113)
Harrington, C. K. Frank C. Briggs of Himeji (P-XVII-a-114)
House, E. H. A Japanese statesman at home (Hirosawa) (P-XVII-a-115)
Piggott, F. T. The Ito legend. Personal recollections of Prince Ito (P-XVII-a-116)
Greenslet, Ferris. Lafcadio Hearn (P-XVII-a-117)
Hearn, Lafcadio. After the War (P-XVII-a-118)
Hearn, Lafcadio. Letter from Japan (P-XVII-a-119)
Carus, Paul. Japanese leaders (P-XVII-a-120)
Shibata, Kyuo. A Japanese sermon. Tr. by Algernon Berham Mitford (P-XVII-a-121)
Simmons, D. B. The religion of Japan (P-XVII-a-122)
Cheney, Annie Elizabeth. Mahayana Buddhism in Japan (P-XVII-a-123)
Kishimoto, Nobuta. Shintō, the old religion of Japan (P-XVII-a-124)
Asakawa, Kanichi. Social reactions of Buddhism in medieval Japan (P-XVII-a-127)
Troup, James. On the tenets of the Shinshiu or 'True sect' of Buddhists (P-XVII-a-128)
Knott, Cargill G. The abacus, in its historic and scientific aspects (P-XVII-a-128)
Summers, Rev. James. Buddhism, and traditions concerning its introduction into Japan (P-XVII-a-128)
Chamberlain, Basil Hall. Past participle or gerund? - A point of grammatical terminology (P-XVII-a-128)
Greenbie, Sydney. A monk for a night (P-XVII-a-129)
Frachon, Renée. Au Japon (P-XVII-a-130)
Shaku Soyen, Rev. Buddhist view of war (P-XVII-a-131)
Brou, Alexandre. Bulletin des missions (P-XVII-a-133)
Maclay, Rev. R. S. New Japan (P-XVII-a-134)
Brou, Alexandre. Une page de l'histoire des missions. Le clergé japonais au dix-septième siècle (P-XVII-a-135)
Yasui, Chiuhei. Bemmo, or, An exposition of error : being a treatise directed against Christianity (P-XVII-a-137)
Kishimoto, Nobuta. How I came into Christianity (P-XVII-a-138)
Gulick, Rev. Sidney L. The responsibility of pastors with respect to America's Japanese problem (P-XVII-a-139)
Lloyd, A. A school of the prophets for Japan (P-XVII-a-140)
Orientalia, Amida-Diareekr (P-XVII-a-112)
Alt Title Japan's relations with America (Contents: -- 1. Kawakami, K. K. The pasific problem. -- 2. Gulick, Sidney L. Liberal America's attitude towards Japan. -- 3. Parker, E. H. The psychology of the Chinese.) (P-XVII-a-104)
Shosanken. Japan and Siberia (P-XVII-a-106)
Buddhism and Christianity in Japan (P-XVII-a-125)
Three chapters selected from the life of Honen shonin. Comp. by Imperial order. Tr. by Harper H. Coates & R. Ishizuka (P-XVII-a-126)
The Hundred years of Christianity in Japan: Review based upon: - 1. Nipon dai itsi ran. Par M. J. Klaproth. Paris, 1834. - 2. Nippon. Von Ph. Fr. von Siebold. Elberfeld. 1851. - 3. Bibliographie japonaise. Par M. Léon Pagès. Paris, 1859. - 4. The missionary life and labours of Francis Xavier. By Henry Venn. London, 1862. - 5. Japan. By Walter Dickson. Edinburgh, 1869 (P-XVII-a-132)
Les Trappistes au Japon (P-XVII-a-136)
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