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100 1  Alter, Andrew,|d1960- 
245 10 Dancing with devtās :|bdrums, power and possession in the 
       music of Garhwal, North India /|cAndrew Alter 
260    Aldershot, Hampshire, England ;|aBurlington, Vt. :
300    xxiii, 277 p. :|bill., map, music ;|c24 cm. +|e1 sound 
       disc (digital ; 4 3/4 in.) 
440  0 SOAS musicology series 
500    Series from dust jacket 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 241-257), 
       discography (p. 259-260), and index 
505 00 |tContextualising the study --|tSounding the drum: power 
       and meaning in the context of performance --|tDev bhūmi: 
       land of the gods --|tCaste groups and instrumentalists --
       |tPerformance genres and dance practice --|tMusical 
       instruments in Garhwal --|tDhol sāgar: the ocean of 
       drumming --|tAnalysis and description of musical events: 
       musical power in the context of performance --|tDrumming 
       associated with pāñdavalīlā --|tMusic in the context of 
       wedding celebrations --|tThe pawārā of kirthipal and 
505 20 |gContents on sound disc:|tExamples from the Pañḍavalīlā 
       of Budna --|tThe Baṛhāī of Kaintha and Bhoya Das|g(:21) --
       |tThe beginning segment of a chauñwārā at Budna|g(8:10) --
       |tUlṭā, the "backwards" moving bājā|g(:17) --|tSulṭā 2, 
       the second "forwards" moving bājā|g(:27) --|tSulṭā 3, the 
       third "forwards" moving bājā|g(:16) --|tSulṭā 4, the 
       fourth "forwards" moving bājā|g(:15) --|tSulṭā 5, the 
       fifth "forwards" moving bājā|g(:16) --|tSulṭā 6, the sixth
       "forwards" moving bājā|g(:12) --|tThe final chauñwārā bājā
       |g(:17) --|tExcerpt from the individual dance of Hanuman
       |g(1:13)|tExcerpt from the individual dance of Bhima|g(:
       29) --|tExcerpt from the individual dance of Draupadi|g(:
       44) --|tExamples of wedding repertoire --|tThe Baṛhāī of 
       Puran and Jog Das|g(:46) --|tThe bāje of all the devtās 
       (Dhūñyal)|g(:28) --|tThe bājā for the brāt's departure 
       from the groom's village|g(:11) --|tThe Shabd|g(:24) --
       |tThe bājā for climbing a steep path|g(:24) --|tThe bājā 
       for going around a corner|g(:34) --|tThe bājā for walking 
       single-file on a level path|g(:36) --|tThe baja at the 
       edge of a river|g(:16) --|tThe bājā from climbing up to 
       the bride's house|g(:15) --|tThe bājā for the brāt's 
       departure from the bride's house|g(:24) --|tThe Baṛhāī /
       |rplayed by Im Das and party at Kakhwari|g(:35) --|t"Oṭūwā
       Beleṇā" played for dancing and processing at Kakhwari|g(1:
       03) --|tExcerpts from the pawāṛā of Kirthipal and Kunjepal
       /|rperformed by Bhag Chand and party --|tThe invocation to
       Nirankar/Vishnu|g(1:29) --|tCelebrations at Thati Silla 
       Kot for Bimalawati's pregnancy|g(5:42) --|tKunjepal leaves
       his wife in the cave|g(2:14) --|tThe fierce war at Budha 
       Villor|g(7:07) --|tKirthipal's jealousy drives him to kill
       his brother|g(12:33) --|tKhetrapal and his mother run to 
       avoid Kirthipal's poison|g(2:37) --|tKhetrapal's 
       adventures, including the sādhūs' kīrtan, "Rāma Bhajo"|g(5:
650  0 Music|zIndia|zGarhwāl|xHistory and criticism 
650  0 Drum|xPerformance|zIndia|zGarhwāl 
650  0 Music, Influence of|zIndia|zGarhwāl 
856 41 |zTable of contents only|uhttp://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/
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