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Title Morrison pahphlets [microform]. 185 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [1999]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.185(ROLL 8650)    AVAILABLE    30530001112416
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series モリソン文庫
東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-III-b-801~855
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Toyo Bunko (Japan). Nanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai
Bigelow, Poultney. A successful colonial experiment (P-III-b-801)
Diplomaticus, [pseud]. Have we a policy in China? (P-III-b-802)
Kay-Shuttleworth, Nina L. With Lord Macartney in China, 1792 (P-III-b-803)
Hardy, E. J. As the Chinese see us (P-III-b-804)
Moreing, C. A. An all-British railway to China (P-III-b-805)
Hallett, Holt S. The partition of China (P-III-b-806)
Reid, W. C. Jameson. A plea for the integrity of China (P-III-b-807)
Reed, Alfred C. Changsha and the Chinese (P-III-b-808)
Mcdowell, Henry Burden. A new light on the Chinese (P-III-b-809)
Wilson, James Harrison. China and its Progress (P-III-b-810)
Reid, J. M. China and its rulers (P-III-b-811)
Yule, Colonel. Marco Polo's travels (P-III-b-812-1)
Terrien de la Couperie, A. China and the Chinese : their early and future prospects (P-III-b-812-2)
Sharp, Granville. Chinese characteristics (P-III-b-813)
Westrum, A. Schade van. China and the Chinese problem (P-III-b-814)
Trant, William. Jew and Chinaman (P-III-b-815)
Wade, Thomas. Vicissitudes in the story of China (P-III-b-817)
Baudry, Frederic. Les Derniers jours de la Chine Fermee (P-III-b-818)
Archibald, James F. J. Misunderstood China (P-III-b-819)
Martin, A. W. P. China transformed. The bewildering changes of recent months... (P-III-b-820)
Millard, Thomas F. The new China (P-III-b-821)
Tyau, M. T. Z. The Hope of China's future (P-III-b-822)
Read, Thomas T. China's great problem (P-III-b-823)
Yung, Bartlett G. "Drumming" revolutionary China (P-III-b-824)
Sun, Yat-sen. The China of to-day. An interview with Hamilton W. Mabie (P-III-b-825)
Ching, Chun wang. A plea for the recognition of the Chinese Republic (P-III-b-826)
Rottach, Edmond. Le triomphe de Péking (P-III-b-827)
K'ung, Tien-cheng. The Chinese Republic or J. O. P. Bland & Co. and Young China. (Being a Ser. of Articles repr. fr. "The Republ. advocate of China") (P-III-b-829)
Iyenaga, T. China as a Republic. The most momentous problem in Government now faced by any people - the great forces that pull back and that push forward (P-III-b-830)
Iyenaga, T. China, the new Republic. How the Republican patriots must contend with the immemorial structure of Chinese society (P-III-b-831)
Hornbeck, Stanley K. New monarchy for old. China, four years a "Republic", becomes a Limited Monarchy (P-III-b-832)
Colquhoun, Archibald R. China - a Republic? (P-III-b-834)
Farjenel, Fernand. L'echec de la restauration monarchique en Chine (P-III-b-836)
Jenks, Jeremiah W. China's Vital Question (P-III-b-837)
Ferguson, John C. Progress in China (P-III-b-838)
McKinney, William Ayer. The Chinese awakening: an interpretation (P-III-b-839)
Roosevelt, Theodore. The awakening of China (P-III-b-840)
Ross, Edward Aylesworth. The changing Chinese (P-III-b-841)
Martin, W. A. P. Great changes impending in China. Events which show the increasing strength of the Imperial Government and the advance of Western Progress (P-III-b-842)
Martin, W. A. P. The awakening of China. The boycott a symptom of National Consciousness - A new industrial and educational programme - Our disadvantage because of our narrow policy (P-III-b-843)
Smith, Arthur H. The present outlook in China (P-III-b-844)
Adachi, Kinnosuke. The coming crisis in China (P-III-b-845)
Austin, O. P. Recent developments in China (P-III-b-846)
Colquhoun, Archibald R. China in transformation (P-III-b-847)
Smith, Arthur H. Present conditions in China (P-III-b-848)
Wu, Ting-fang. Chinese and Western Civilization (P-III-b-849)
Brockman, Fletcher S. The transformation of China and its significance to the Pacific coast (P-III-b-850)
Maclagan, P. J. The position and prospects of Confucianism in China (P-III-b-851)
Hesse-Wartegg, Ernst von. China's "holy land". A visit to the tomb of Confucius (P-III-b-852)
Parker, Edward Harper. The principles of Chinese law and equity (P-III-b-853)
Woosung Road Company, Limited. Provisional Prospectus (P-III-b-854)
Morand, J. S. L. Le poste de nam-dinh dans le Delta du Fleuve Rouge (P-III-b-855)
Alt Title Morrison pamphlet. 185
The situation in China. by Cathay (P-III-b-816)
The "People's will". An exposure of the political intrigues at Peking against the Republic of China. By Authority of the Republican Government of China."Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God" (P-III-b-828)
The First year of the Republic in China. A review of Chinese events on 1912 (P-III-b-833)
The Chinese Republic. A poll of the press (P-III-b-835)
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