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100 0  Erra Pater 
245 14 The book of knowledge.|h[electronic resource] :|btreating 
       of the wisdom of the antients. In four parts. I. Shewing 
       the various and wonderful operations of the signs and 
       planets ... II. Prognostications forever necessary to keep
       the body in health ... III. An abstract of the art of 
       physiognomy and palmestry [sic] ... IV. The farmer's 
       calendar ... /|cWritten by Erra Pater, a Jew doctor in 
       astronomy and physic, born in Bethany near Mount Olivet, 
       in Judea. ; Made English by W. Lilly, student in physic 
       and astrology. ; To which is added, the true form of all 
       sorts of bills, bonds, counter-bonds, indentures, letters 
       of attorney and license, deeds of gift, bills of exchange,
260    New York: :|bPrinted by G. & R. Waite, for H. Griffith,,
300    144 p. :|bill. ;|c14 cm. (12mo) 
510 4  Shaw & Shoemaker|c1098b 
530    Microform version available in the Readex Early American 
       Imprints series 
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       searchable text.|f(Early American imprints. Second series 
       ; no. 1098b) 
650  0 Astrology 
650  0 Fortune-telling 
650  0 Veterinary medicine 
700 1  Lilly, William,|d1602-1681,|etr 
752    United States|bNew York|dNew York 
830  0 Early American imprints.|nSecond series ;|vno. 1098b 
856 41 |uhttp://opac.newsbank.com/select/shaw/1098b|yShaw-
       Shoemaker Digital Edition