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245 04 The Impact of governments on East-West economic relations 
       /|cedited by Gary Bertsch and Steven Elliott-Gower 
260    Washington Square, N.Y. :|bNew York University Press,
300    xii, 407 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  East-West European economic interaction ;|vvol. 12 
500    Papers from the 12th Workshop on East-West European 
       Economic Interaction held Apr. 1-5, 1989 at the University
       of Georgia in Athens; organized by the Vienna Institute 
       for Comparative Economic Studies 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  |tPerestroika and East-West economic interaction /
       |rNikolai Shmelev --|tThe Soviet attitude toward 
       integration in the world economy /|rJerry F. Hough --
       |tSoviet foreign trade reforms and the challenge to East 
       Euorpean economic relations with the West /|rWladimir 
       Andreff --|tU.S.-Soviet trade policy in the 1980s /
       |rRichard F. Kaufman --|tU.S. East-West trade policy /
       |rCarol Rae Hansen --|tU.S. foreign economic policy 
       towards Eastern Europe /|rUrszula Plowiec --|tU.S. East-
       West economic policy : a Soviet view /|rNikolai Shmelev --
       |tForeign trade strategies in Eastern Europe : 
       determinants, outcomes, prospects /|rPaul Marer --|tThe 
       role of governments in fostering East-West economic 
       cooperation /|rTamás Bácskai --|tThe role of the 
       Hungarian government in East-West economic relations /
       |rLaszlo Lang. 
505 0  |tThe impact of governments on East-West economic 
       relations : the case of Poland /|rAleksander Lukaszewicz -
       -|tEast-West economic relations and national interests : 
       the case of the GDR /|rPeter Sydow --|tEast European 
       governments and East-West economic relations : the case of
       Czechoslovakia /|rVáltr Komárek --|tThe reform of 
       socialism and East-West relations : the Yugoslav 
       experience /|rDragomir Vojnić --|tThe role of the EC in 
       East-West economic relations /|rKlaus Schneider --|tEC-
       CMEA economic relations : realities and prospects /
       |rIrène Commeau-Rufin --|tThe role of the government of 
       the Federal Republic of Germany in East-West economic 
       relations /|rJoachim Jahnke --|tThe role of Japan in East-
       West economic relations /|rIssei Nomura. 
505 0  |tThe role of the Austrian government in East-West 
       economic relations /|rFritz Gehart --|tThe Western 
       politics of East-West trade negotiations : East European 
       countries and the GATT /|rLeah Haus --|tThe role of the 
       West European and Japanese governments in East-West 
       economic relations : the view from Eastern Europe /
       |rDariusz K. Rosati --|tGlobal adjustment problems of the 
       1990s : the effects on East-West trade policies /|rAllen 
       J. Lenz --|tEast-West economic interdependence and the 
       rise of foreign trade constituencies /|rJohn P. Hardt --
       |tEast-West economic relations in the 1990s : the demand 
       on politics /|rWolfgang Heinrichs --|tNew thinking and the
       role of governments in the world economy /|rOleg Bogomolov
       --|tIntroductory remarks to the 12th Workshop /|rPhilip 
650  0 International economic relations|vCongresses 
650  0 East-West trade|vCongresses 
651  0 Soviet Union|xCommercial policy|vCongresses 
651  0 Europe, Eastern|xCommercial policy|vCongresses 
651  0 Europe|xCommercial policy|vCongresses 
700 1  Bertsch, Gary K 
700 1  Elliott-Gower, Steven 
710 2  Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche 
711 2  Workshop on East-West European Economic Interaction|n(12th
       :|d1989 :|cAthens, Ga.) 
830  0 East-West European economic interaction ;|v12 
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