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Title United Nations Conference on the Application of Science and Technology for the Benefit of the Less Developed Areas papers. G-G.14
Imprint Geneva : United Nations, 1963
 Modern History Library  A 338.91 U58u  G-G.14    AVAILABLE    30550100418845
 Agenda item: G 
 E/CONF.39/G/2Economic action with a view to development from the sociological point of view: an experiment in economic development / MM. Althabe 
 E/CONF.39/G/11Ekistics as a tool for the solution of problems in human settlements / C.A. Doxiadis 
 E/CONF.39/G/14The concept of harmonised integral development and the advancement of science, particularly the economic and social sciences / Paul Borel 
 E/CONF.39/G/15Some social development and urbanisation problems in Colombia / Leonor Salcedo 
 E/CONF.39/G/57Social disparities between town and country / Rene Dumont 
 Agenda item: G.1 
 E/CONF.39/G/10The study of "habitat" at the basis for planning / Fernando Schiappa De Campos 
 E/CONF.39/G/17Centres of support in zones of dispersed "habitat" / Leopoldo Castro Neves De Almeida 
 E/CONF.39/G/18Rural development in Finland / Aarne Eskola 
 E/CONF.39/G/21Technical progress and its social and economic significance for the development of agricultural districts of the Soviet Republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan / O.B. Dzhamalov 
 E/CONF.39/G/22The transition of nomadic and seminomadic economies of Kirghizia to a settled mode of life / Satar Ilyiasov 
 E/CONF.39/G/24Ways of reconstruction of the culture and mode of life of backward peoples: on the example of small peoples in the extreme north of the USSR / B.O. Dolgikh 
 E/CONF.39/G/29Overcoming survivals of tribal mode of life by the peoples of the caucasus and their consolidation into integral nations / V.K. Gardanov 
 E/CONF.39/G/31The implications of urbanization for the village and rural sector / Marion Clawson 
 E/CONF.39/G/41Community development, planning and administration at local level in India / Shri S. Chakravarti 
 E/CONF.39/G/53Problems of rural development in less developed areas / I.O. Farizov 
 Agenda item: G.1, G.2 
 E/CONF.39/G/6Rural development and urbanization / Eyo B. Ndem 
 E/CONF.39/G/13Interaction of urbanisation and rural development in India / J.P. Bhattacharjee 
 E/CONF.39/G/35Social implications of rural development and urbanisation in under-developed countries / Paul Mercier 
 E/CONF.39/G/36Social problems of development and urbanization / J. Riby-Williams 
 E/CONF.39/G/38Social stratification and social mobility int he development process / Melvin Tumin 
 E/CONF.39/G/39An educational approach for training in Ekistics / Demetrius Iatridis 
 E/CONF.39/G/42Urbanization processes in Israel / Alexander Berler 
 E/CONF.39/G/46Capital requirements for social overhead / John W. Dyckman 
 E/CONF.39/G/48An experiment in the building of cheap family dwellings: circumstances and consequences / F.E. Grevisse 
 E/CONF.39/G/49The role of housing and community facilities in economic development / Leo Grebler 
 E/CONF.39/G/51Toward a theory of community development / Frank W. Young, Ruth C. Young 
 E/CONF.39/G/55Patterns of world-wide cultural change in the 1960's / Margaret Mead 
 E/CONF.39/GR.80(G)Rural development and urbanization: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: G.2 
 E/CONF.39/G/1Urbanization and regional planning / G. Mukharji 
 E/CONF.39/G/3Social problems of rapid urbanisation with particular reference to British Africa / W.H. Chinn 
 E/CONF.39/G/4Urbanization problems of two cities of cape verde praia and mindelo / Maria Emilia Marques Caria 
 E/CONF.39/G/5Problems of behaviour in the course of economic development and urbanization / A.M. Khalifa 
 E/CONF.39/G/7Urbanization through rural migration to Cairo city / A.M. Khalifa 
 E/CONF.39/G/9Urbanization, regional planning, development / Eurico Machado, Mario de Oliverira 
 E/CONF.39/G/12Urban structures from the point of view of social structure / , EuricoMachado, Mario de Oliverira 
 E/CONF.39/G/16Implications of technical development on social structure / Torgny Segerstedt 
 E/CONF.39/G/19Urbanization and housing problems / N.P. Dube 
 E/CONF.39/G/23The influence of industrialisation on the social composition of the urban population / L.R. Gordon-Polonskaya 
 E/CONF.39/G/25Urbanization: a tool for social and technological advance / A. John Dakin 
 E/CONF.39/G/26Small town development: the problems and possibilities in the context of South and South East Asia / Kenneth Watts 
 E/CONF.39/G/27Programme of community organisation for communities adapting themselves to an urban environment, a pilot experiment by the university of buenos aires / Noemi Fiorito de Labrune 
 E/CONF.39/G/28Some possible contributions of social sciences in the analysis of problems originated in the economic development in Latin America / Sergio Bagu 
 E/CONF.39/G/30The political implications of urbanization and the development process / Lucian W. Pye 
 E/CONF.39/G/32Organization for planning and development of metropolitan areas / Lyle C. Fitch 
 E/CONF.39/G/33Sociologists and town planning problems / Marcel Soret 
 E/CONF.39/G/34Town development achievements in Bulgaria / Dimiter Ganev, Stefan Stanev 
 E/CONF.39/G/37Problems of the construction of new towns connected with industrial centres, on the example of the construction of new towns in Poland in the years 1945-1962 / Adolf Ciborowski 
 E/CONF.39/G/40Social equipment for new towns / Mlle. Isabelle de Hurtado 
 E/CONF.39/G/43Problems of urbanization / Marjan Tepina, Dusan Stefanovic 
 E/CONF.39/G/44Town planning and social problems / Jacques Caget 
 E/CONF.39/G/45Problems connected with urban growth in developing countries / Max Stern 
 E/CONF.39/G/47The economic development fo land in development countries / M. Gambrelle 
 E/CONF.39/G/50Psychological and social lessons of a study of industrial transformation and their application to less developed countries / G. Barbichon 
 E/CONF.39/G/52Adjusting rural people to an urban environment / George L.-P. Weaver 
 E/CONF.39/G/54Sociological characteristics of the migrants from Zagori, the results of a pilot study / G. Moustaka 
 E/CONF.39/G/56Factors in the integration and disintegration of the Gabon worker in his workplace / Laurent Biffot 
 E/CONF.39/G/59Town-planning in the developing countries / Lyuben Tonev 
 E/CONF.39/GR.60(G)Urbanization: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: G.6 
 E/CONF.39/G/8Building by self-help / G. Blachere 
 Agenda item: G.14 
 E/CONF.39/G/14The concept of harmonised integral development and the advancement of science, particularly the economic and social sciences / Paul Borel 
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