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245 00 Frontiers in eating and weight regulation|h[electronic 
       resource] /|cvolume editors, Wolfgang Langhans, Nori Geary
260    Basel :|bS. Karger,|c2010 
300    1 online resource :|bill. (some col.) 
490 1  Forum of nutrition,|x1662-2987 ;|vv.63 
500    Highlights the cutting edge of physiological research 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
520    The development of effective preventive and therapeutic 
       measures to control eating and body weight involves basic 
       physiology as well as cognitive and social psychology. The
       potential of molecular genetics to illuminate brain-
       behavior relationships became apparent with the discovery 
       of the leptin gene in 1994. At present, molecular 
       methodologies are being integrated with other 
       physiological approaches, resulting in a number of options
       from which effective therapeutic strategies may evolve. 
       This book highlights this exciting juncture: Fifteen 
       leading experts present brief descriptions of some of the 
       latest developments of the physiology of eating and weight
       regulation, ranging from endocrine and neural controls to 
       genetics and functional brain imaging. These Frontier 
       chapters are preceded by a general overview that provides 
       requisite background on the physiology of eating as well 
       as a conceptual framework for the Frontier chapters.Due to
       its special nature, this book will be of great interest to
       students at a variety of levels, to basic researchers 
       already in the area or new to it, and to researchers and 
       clinicians interested in translational issues 
590    karger 
650  0 Appetite 
650  0 Body weight|xRegulation 
650  0 Neuroendocrinology 
650  0 Gastrointestinal hormones 
650 12 Eating|xphysiology 
650 12 Obesity|xmetabolism 
650 22 Adiposity|xphysiology 
650 22 Body Weight|xphysiology 
700 1  Langhans, Wolfgang 
700 1  Geary, Nori 
830  0 Forum of nutrition ;|vv.63 
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