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245 00 Human rights in the world community :|bissues and action /
       |cedited by Richard Pierre Claude and Burns H. Weston 
264    Philadelphia :|bUniversity of Pennsylvania Press,|c1989 
300    xiv, 376 pages :|billustrations ;|c26 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
504    Includes filmographies 
505 0  Appendix: Selected Documents : United Nations Charter ; 
       Universal Declaration of Human Rights ; International 
       Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ; 
       International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ; 
       Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil 
       and Political Rights 
505 20 |tHuman rights /|rBurns H. Weston --|tTheoretical 
       foundations of human rights /|rRichard A. Falk --|tThe 
       sovereign territorial state : the right to genocide /|rLeo
       Kuper --|tThe protection of universal human rights : the 
       problem of torture /|rMatthew Lippman --|tCivil rights /
       |rRichard B. Lillich --|tRace, sex, and religious 
       discrimination in international law /|rJack Greenberg --
       |tRefugees and immigrants : a human rights dilemma /
       |rAnimesh Ghosal and Thomas M. Crowley --|tHuman rights on
       the periphery : no room in the Ark for the Yanomani? /
       |rChristian Bay --|tHuman rights under state socialism /
       |rDavid Lane --|tHuman rights as a North-South issue /
       |rRajni Kothari --|tInternational law and the right to 
       food /|rPhilip Alston --|tThe internationally guaranteed 
       right of an individual to a clean environment /|rHenn-Juri
       Uibopuu --|tSelf-determination and the Middle East /
       |rYoram Dinstein --|tThe right to peace /|rKatarina 
       Tomasevski --|tThe United Nations and human rights : more 
       than a whimper /|rTom J. Farer --|tRegional human rights 
       regimes : a comparison and appraisal /|rBurns H. Weston, 
       Robin Ann Lukes, Kelly M. Hnatt --|tThe Helsinki Agreement
       and human rights /|rA.H. Robertson --|tHuman rights and 
       foreign policy /|rEvan Luard --|tHumanitarian intervention
       and American foreign policy : law, morality and politics /
       |rJack Donnelly --|tCongress and human rights in U.S. 
       foreign policy : the fate of general legislation /|rDavid 
       P. Forsythe --|tThe case of Joelito Filartiga in the 
       courts /|rRichard P. Claude --|tNongovernmental 
       organizations : the foundation of Western support for the 
       human rights movement in the Soviet Union /|rRichard N. 
       Dean --|tStrategies for divestment from U.S. companies and
       financial institutions doing business with or in South 
       Africa /|rMary C. Gosiger --|tThe human right to 
       participate in armed revolution and related forms of 
       social violence : testing the limits of permissibility /
       |rJordan J. Paust 
520    The editors have collected 24 articles defining 
       fundamental human rights and describing varied approaches 
       to their implementation. Introductory essays provide an 
       overview of six main themes that are documented with both 
       bibliographies and filmographies. Each article is also 
       followed by valuable discussion questions. The topics 
       selected demonstrate a progressive concern for economic 
       rights and solidarity rights, with enforcement of 
       political and civil rights by both supranational and 
       national institutions. ISBN 0-8122-1283-5 (pbk.): $49.95 
650  0 Human rights 
700 1  Claude, Richard Pierre,|d1934-2011 
700 1  Weston, Burns H.,|d1933-2015 
776 08 |iOnline version:|tHuman rights in the world community.
       |dPhiladelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989
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