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100 1  Chambers, Mark L 
245 10 IMac for Dummies 
250    7th ed 
264  1 Somerset :|bJohn Wiley & Sons, Incorporated,|c2012 
264  4 |c©2012 
300    1 online resource (456 pages) 
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505 0  iMac For Dummies, 7th Edition -- About the Author -- 
       Dedication -- Author's Acknowledgments -- Table of 
       Contents -- Introduction -- What's Really (Not) Required -
       - About This Book -- Conventions Used in This Book -- How 
       This Book Is Organized -- Icons Used in This Book -- Where
       to Go from Here -- A Final Word -- Part I: Know Your iMac 
       -- Chapter 1: Okay, This Machine Looks Really, Really 
       Weird -- An Introduction to the Beast -- Choosing a Home 
       for Your New Pet -- Unpacking and Connecting -- 
       Discovering All the Cool Things You Can Do -- Stuff You 
       Oughta Buy Right Now -- Chapter 2: Life! Give My iMac 
       Life! -- Throwing the Big Leaf Switch -- Mark's Favorite 
       Signs of a Healthy iMac -- Harriet, It's Already Asking Me
       Questions! -- Importing Documents and Data from Your Old 
       Mac -- Manually Importing Documents and Data from Windows 
       -- Chapter 3: Introducing the Apple of Your iMac -- A 
       Quick Tour of the Premises -- Calling for Help -- Part II:
       Shaking Hands with Mac OS X -- Chapter 4: Opening and 
       Closing and Clicking and Such -- Working within the Finder
       -- Pointing in a Mac World -- Launching and Quitting for 
       the Lazy iMac Owner -- Juggling Folders and Icons -- Keys 
       and Keyboard Shortcuts to Fame and Fortune -- Performing 
       Tricks with Finder Windows -- Chapter 5: A Plethora of 
       Powerful Fun -- Home, Sweet Home Folder -- Arranging Your 
       Desktop -- Putting the Dock to the Test -- What's with the
       Trash? -- Working Magic with Dashboard, Mission Control, 
       and Spaces -- Printing within Mac OS X -- Chapter 6: A 
       Nerd's Guide to System Preferences -- A Not-So-Confusing 
       Introduction -- Searching for Settings -- Popular 
       Preference Panes Explained -- Chapter 7: Searching amidst 
       iMac Chaos -- Basic Searching 101 -- Is Spotlight Really 
       That Cool? -- Expanding Your Search Horizons -- 
       Customizing Spotlight to Your Taste -- Part III: 
       Connecting and Communicating 
505 8  Chapter 8: Let's Go on Safari! -- Pretend You've Never 
       Used This Thing -- Visiting Websites -- Navigating the Web
       -- Setting Up Your Home Page -- Adding and Using Bookmarks
       -- Downloading Files -- Using Subscriptions and History --
       Tabs Are Your Browsing Friends -- Saving Web Pages -- 
       Protecting Your Privacy -- Chapter 9: Expanding Your 
       Horizons with iCloud -- So How Does iCloud Work, Anyway? -
       - Configuring iCloud -- Managing Your iCloud Storage -- 
       Chapter 10: Hooking Up with Handy Helpers -- Connecting 
       Printers -- Connecting Scanners -- Using Photo Booth -- 
       Conversing with FaceTime -- Turning Your iMac into a TV - 
       And More -- Part IV: Living the iLife -- Chapter 11: The 
       Multimedia Joy of iTunes -- What Can I Play on iTunes? -- 
       Playing an Audio CD -- Playing Digital Audio and Video -- 
       Keeping Slim Whitman and Slim Shady Apart: Organizing with
       Playlists -- Know Your Songs -- Ripping Audio Files -- 
       Tweaking the Audio for Your Ears -- A New Kind of Radio 
       Station -- iSending iStuff to iPod -- Sharing Media across
       a Network -- Joining the Ping People -- Burning Music to 
       Shiny Plastic Circles -- Feasting on iTunes Visuals -- 
       Exercising Parental Authority -- Buying Digital Media the 
       Apple Way -- Chapter 12: The Masterpiece That Is iPhoto --
       Delving into iPhoto -- Working with Images in iPhoto -- 
       Producing Your Own Coffee-Table Masterpiece -- Putting 
       Photo Stream to Work -- E-Mailing Photos to Aunt Mildred -
       - Chapter 13: Making Film History with iMovie -- Shaking 
       Hands with the iMovie Window -- A Bird's-Eye View of 
       Moviemaking -- Importing the Building Blocks -- Building 
       the Cinematic Basics -- Creating an Honest-to-Goodness 
       Movie Trailer -- Sharing Your Finished Classic with Others
       -- Chapter 14: iDVD - Your DVD Movie Factory -- Hey, 
       Where's the Complex Window? -- Starting a New DVD Project 
       -- Creating a DVD from Scratch 
505 8  Giving Your DVD the Personal Touch -- Previewing Your 
       Masterpiece -- A Word about Automation -- Recording a 
       Finished Project to a Shiny Disc -- Chapter 15: Recording 
       Your Hits with GarageBand -- Shaking Hands with Your Band 
       -- Composing and Podcasting Made Easy -- Automatic 
       Composition with Magic GarageBand -- Sharing Your Songs 
       and Podcasts -- Chapter 16: Creating a Website with iWeb -
       - Looking around the iWeb Window -- Planning Your Pages --
       Adding a New Site -- Adding a New Page -- Editing a Page -
       - Tweaking with the Inspector -- Publishing Your Website -
       - Part V: Getting Productive with iWork and Other Tools --
       Chapter 17: Desktop Publishing with Pages -- Creating a 
       New Pages Document -- Open an Existing Pages Document -- 
       Saving Your Work -- Touring the Pages Window -- Entering 
       and Editing Text -- Using Text and Graphics Boxes -- The 
       Three Amigos: Cut, Copy, and Paste -- Formatting Text the 
       Easy Way -- Adding a Spiffy Table -- Adding Alluring 
       Photos -- Adding a Background Shape -- Are You Sure about 
       That Spelling? -- Printing Your Pages Documents -- Sharing
       That Poster with Others -- Chapter 18: Creating 
       Spreadsheets with Numbers -- Before You Launch Numbers . .
       . -- Creating a New Numbers Document -- Opening an 
       Existing Spreadsheet File -- Save Those Spreadsheets! -- 
       Exploring the Numbers Window -- Navigating and Selecting 
       Cells in a Spreadsheet -- Entering and Editing Data in a 
       Spreadsheet -- Selecting the Correct Number Format -- 
       Aligning Cell Text Just So -- Formatting with Shading -- 
       Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns -- The Formula Is 
       Your Friend -- Adding Visual Punch with a Chart -- Chapter
       19: Building Presentations with Keynote -- Creating a New 
       Keynote Project -- Opening a Keynote Presentation -- 
       Saving Your Presentation -- Putting Keynote to Work -- 
       Adding Slides -- Working with Text and Graphics Boxes 
505 8  Adding and Editing Slide Text -- Formatting Slide Text for
       the Perfect Look -- Using Presenter's Notes in Your 
       Project -- Every Good Presentation Needs Media -- Adding a
       Background Shape -- Creating Your Keynote Slideshow -- 
       Printing Your Slides and Notes -- Chapter 20: Creating a 
       Multiuser iMac -- Once Upon a Time (An Access Fairy Tale) 
       -- Big-Shot Administrator Stuff -- Multiuser Rules for 
       Everyone -- Chapter 21: Building (Or Joining) a Network --
       What, Exactly, Is the Network Advantage? -- The Great 
       Debate: Wired versus Wireless -- Sharing Internet Access -
       - What Do You Need to Connect? -- Connecting to the 
       Network -- USE YOUR FIREWALL! -- Part VI: The Necessary 
       Evils: Troubleshooting, Upgrading, Maintaining -- Chapter 
       22: It Just . . . Sits . . . There -- Can You 
       Troubleshoot? Yes, You Can! -- Basic Troubleshooting 101 -
       - Okay, I Kicked It, and It Still Won't Work -- Chapter 23
       : I Want to Add Stuff -- More Memory Will Help -- Can I 
       Upgrade My Hard Drive? -- Attractive Add-Ons -- Chapter 24
       : Tackling the Housekeeping -- Cleaning Unseemly Data 
       Deposits -- Backing Up Your Treasure -- Saving Files -- 
       Putting Things Right with Time Machine -- Maintaining Hard
       Drive Health -- Automating Those Mundane Chores -- 
       Updating Mac OS X Automatically -- Chapter 25: Running 
       Windows on Your iMac -- Figuring Out How Boot Camp Works -
       - Comparing Boot Camp to Windows Emulators -- Configuring 
       Boot Camp -- Switching to Windows -- Checking for Apple 
       Updates -- Part VII: The Part of Tens -- Chapter 26: Ten 
       Ways to Speed Up Your iMac -- Nothing Works Like a Shot of
       Memory -- Hold a Conversation with Your iMac -- Vamoose, 
       Unwanted Fragments! -- Keep Your Desktop Background Simple
       -- Column Mode Is for Power Users -- Make the Dock Do Your
       Bidding -- It All Started with Keyboard Shortcuts -- Hey, 
       You Tweaked Your Finder! -- Keep in Touch with Your Recent
505 8  Go Where the Going Is Good -- Chapter 27: Ten Things to 
       Avoid Like the Plague -- Man, Dig That Crazy Disc -- 
       Phishing Is No Phun -- Don't Rely on a Single Password -- 
       Do You Really Want a Submerged Keyboard? -- Don't Use 
       Antiquated Utility Software -- Don't Endorse Software 
       Piracy -- Call It the Forbidden Account -- Don't Settle 
       for a Surge Suppressor -- Refurbished Hardware Is No Deal 
       at All -- iMacs Appreciate Cleanliness -- Index 
520    The bestselling guide to the ultimate all-in-one computer-
       now updated and revised throughout!  If you're looking for
       speed, performance, and power, the iMac is the ultimate 
       all-in-one computer. From its superior performance, 
       powerful operating system, and amazing applications, the 
       iMac is one awesome machine, and the fun, friendly, and 
       approachable style of iMac For Dummies is an ideal way to 
       get started with the basics. You'll learn the fundamentals
       of the iMac including setting up and customizing your iMac
       and the software that comes with it, importing files from 
       your old computer, sending and receiving e-mail, video 
       calling, and more.   Covers the latest iMac hardware, Mac 
       OS X Lion, iCloud, and the Mac App Store Shows you how to 
       surf the web with Safari and keep in touch by e-mail and 
       FaceTime video calling Details how to find and download 
       music, videos, TV shows, and more from the iTunes Store 
       Gets you up to speed with the newest versions of iLife and
       iWork Walks you through storing and organizing digital 
       photos, music, and other multimedia Explains how iCloud 
       keeps everything, from your music to your documents, in 
       sync Delves into creating a multi-user iMac and connecting
       to a wireless network Reviews troubleshooting tips and 
       tricks Shows you how to automate mundane tasks   With iMac
       For Dummies, 7th Edition, you'll be able to proclaim, 
       "iKnow" in no time! 
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