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245 00 Protein-ligand interactions|h[electronic resource] :
       |bmethods and applications /|cedited by Mark A. Williams, 
       Tina Daviter 
250    2nd ed 
260    New York :|bHumana Press,|cc2013 
300    1 online resource (x, 530 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Methods in molecular biology,|x1064-3745 ;|v1008 
500    Includes index 
505 00 |tProtein-ligand interactions : fundamentals /|rMark A. 
       Williams --|tProtein sample characterization /|rTina 
       Daviter and Remi Fronzes --|tMeasurement of protein-ligand
       complex formation /|rPeter N. Lowe, Cara K. Vaughan, and 
       Tina Daviter --|tIsothermal titration calorimetry for 
       studying protein-ligand interactions /|rLuminita Damian --
       |tRapid mixing kinetic techniques /|rStephen R. Martin and
       Maria J. Schilstra --|tProtein-ligand interactions using 
       SPR systems /|rAsa Frostell, Lena Vinterback, and Hans 
       Sjobom --|tFluorescence techniques in analysis of protein-
       ligand interactions /|rGabor Mocz and Justin A. Ross --
       |tCircular and linear dichroism spectroscopy for the study
       of protein-ligand interactions /|rTina Daviter, Nikola 
       Chmel, and Alison Rodger --|tAnalyzing protein-ligand 
       interactions by dynamic NMR spectroscopy /|rAnthony 
       Mittermaier and Erick Meneses --|tStudying metal ion-
       protein interactions : electronic absorption, circular 
       dichroism, and electron paramagnetic resonance /|rLiliana 
       Quintanar and Lina Rivillas-Acevedo --|tMonitoring protein
       -ligand interactions by time-resolved  FTIR difference 
       spectroscopy /|rCarsten Kotting and Klaus Gerwert --
       |tBiophysical methods in drug discovery from small 
       molecule to pharmaceutical /|rGeoffrey Holdgate ... [et 
       al.] --|tBiophysical screening for the discovery of small-
       molecule ligands /|rAlessio Ciulli --|tScreening protein-
       small molecule interactions by NMR  /|rBen Davis --|tModel
       membrane systems /|rHeiko Keller, Remigiusz Worch, and 
       Petra Schwille --|tQuantitative fluorescence co-
       localization to study protein-receptor complexes /
       |rShanica N. Pompey, Peter Michaely, and Katherine Luby-
       Phelps --|tStudying protein-ligand interactions using X-
       ray crystallography /|rAndrew P. Turnbull and Paul Emsley 
       --|tMolecular fields in ligand discovery /|rPaul J. Gane 
       and A.W. Edith Chan --|tStructure-based virtual screening 
       for novel ligands /|rWilliam R. Pitt ... [et al] 
650  0 Proteins|vLaboratory manuals 
650  0 Ligands|vLaboratory manuals 
650  0 Protein binding|vLaboratory manuals 
650  0 Ligand binding (Biochemistry)|vLaboratory manuals 
653  4 Life sciences 
653  4 Biochemistry 
653  4 RNA-ligand interactions 
653  4 Protein Science 
653  4 Protein-Ligand Interactions 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Williams, Mark A 
700 1  Daviter, Tina 
830  0 Methods in molecular biology ;|v1008 
856 40 |uhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-1-62703-398-5
       |zeBook(Springerlink)(Life Science Group only)