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245 04 The Palgrave international handbook of mixed racial and 
       ethnic classification /|cedited by Zarine L. Rocha, Peter 
       J. Aspinall 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
       Palgrave Macmillan,|c2020 
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520    This handbook provides a global study of the 
       classification of mixed race and ethnicity at the state 
       level, bringing together a diverse range of country case 
       studies from around the world. The classification of race 
       and ethnicity by the state is a common way to organize and
       make sense of populations in many countries, from the 
       national census and birth and death records, to identity 
       cards and household surveys. As populations have grown, 
       diversified, and become increasingly transnational and 
       mobile, single and mutually exclusive categories struggle 
       to adequately capture the complexity of identities and 
       heritages in multicultural societies. State motivations 
       for classification vary widely, and have shifted over time,
       ranging from subjugation and exclusion to remediation and 
       addressing inequalities. The chapters in this handbook 
       illustrate how differing histories and contemporary 
       realities have led states to count and classify mixedness 
       in different ways, for different reasons. This collection 
       will serve as a key reference point on the international 
       classification of mixed race and ethnicity for students 
       and scholars across sociology, ethnic and racial studies, 
       and public policy, as well as policy makers and 
650  0 Racially mixed people 
650  0 Ethnic groups 
650 14 Demography 
650 24 Ethnicity Studies 
650 24 Sociology of Racism 
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