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Title The South Atlantic quarterly
Imprint [Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, etc.]
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Identity 2021年刪訂紙期--過期期刊位於近美大樓特藏區-v.110(2011)-當書送編 位於3F西文書刊區 索書號051 So8727 
LocationEuro-Am Periodicals
Lib. Has81(1982),83(1984)-90:2(1991),92(1993)-93(1994),94:3-4(1995)-97:1-2(1998),98(1999)-102(2003),103:4(2004)-117:3(2018)-
Latest Received: October 2020 v.119 no.4

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Order cancelled for Euro-Am Studies Lib.
v.86, no.4Work in progress at Duke / Oliver W. Fergusonp. [355]-567
v.87, no.1Third World Literary and Cultural Criticism / Fredric Jamesonv, 194 p.
v.87, no.2Placing the plot: novel Perspectivesp. [195]-384
v.87, no.3Postmodernism and Japan / Masao Miyoshi, H.D. Harootunianp. [387]-652
v.88, no.1Displacing Homophobia / Ronald R. Butters, John M. Clum, Michael Moon319 p.
v.88, no.2Film and TV Theory Today / Jane Gainesp. [321]-539
v.88, no.3Contemporary Perspectives on Romanticisp. [541]-720
v.88, no.4Rereadings in the Freudian Field / Leigh DeNeefp. [723]-1010
v.89, no.1The Politics of Liberal Education236 p.
v.89, no.2The Fiction of Don DeLillop. [239]-456
v.89, no.3American issues Ip. [457]-662
v.89, no.4American issues IIp. [665]-834
v.90, no.1Converging disciplines at Duke / Annabel Patterson220 p.
v.90, no.2Perestroika: perspectives on modernization / Thomas Lahusen, Gene Kupermanp. [221]-447
v.90, no.3A summer miscellanyp. [449]-632
v.90, no.4Rock & roll and culture / Anthony DeCurtis 
v.91, no.1Writing cultural criticism / Marianna Torgovnick240 p.
v.91, no.2The theater, the firm, and the criticp. [241]-500
v.91, no.3Another special summer miscellanyp. [501]-786
v.91, no.4Commentary as cultural artifactp. [787]-1013
v.92, no.1The world according to Disney / Susan Willis182 p.
v.92, no.2Work in progress at Duke IIp. [185]-415
v.92, no.3Postmodernism: center and periphery / Desiderio Navarrop. 418-558
v.92, no.4Flame wars : the discourse of cyberculture / Mark Deryp. 560-861
v.93, no.1The writings of J. M. Coetzee / Michael Valdez Moses198 p.
v.93, no.2Céline, USA / Alice Kaplan, Philippe Roussinp. 200-543
v.93, no.3Catholic lives, contemporary America / Thomas J. Ferrarop. 546-748
v.93, no.4Materialist feminism / Toril Moi, Janice Radwayp. [749]-955
v.94, no.1Readin' country music: steel guitars, opry stars, and honky tonk bars / Cecelia Tichi370 p.
v.94, no.2Mathematics, science, and postclassical theory / Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Arkady Plotnitsky
v.94, no.3Socialist realism without shores / Thomas Lahusen, Evgeny Dobrenkop. [657]-979
v.94, no.4Nations, identities, cultures / V. Y. Mudimbep. [981]-1206
v.95, no.1Ireland and Irish cultural studies / John Paul Waters278 p.
v.95, no.2Real sports / James T. Fisherp. [279]-569
v.95, no.3Rhetorical and cultural dissolution in romanticism / Thomas Pfau, Rhonda Ray Kercsmarp. [571]-848
v.95, no.4Ethical politics / Vassillis Lambropoulosp. [849]-1139
v.96, no.1Bridging enigma: Cubans on Cuba / Ambrosio Fornetiv, 223 p.
v.96, no.2The Poetics of Derek Walcott: intertextual perspectives / Gregson Davisiv, [154] p.
v.96, no.3A Deleuzian century? / Ian Buchananp. [381]-649
v.96, no.4German dis/continuities / Martin Morrisp. 652-955
v.97, no.1Friendship / Peter Murphyiv, 226 p.
v.97, no.2Psycho-Marxism: Marxism and psychoanalysis late in the Twentieth Century / Robert Miklitschp. [227]-510
v.97, no.3-4Bakhtin/"Bakhtin": studies in the archive and beyond / Peter Hitchcockp. [512]-795
v.98, no.1-2Diaspora and immigration / V.Y. Mudimbe, Sabine Engelv, 330 p.
v.98, no.3Domestic Tragedy / Julie A. Carlsonp. 331-624
v.98, no.4After the garden? / Michael Crozierp. [625]-865
v.99, no.1Harbin and manchuria: place, space, and identity / Thomas Lahuseniv, 272 p.
v.99, no.2-3Mysterious actions: new American drama / Jody McAuliffep. [273]-618
v.99, no.4Millennial Japan: rethinking the nation in the age of recession / / Tomiko Yoda, Harry Harootunianp. [619]-967
v.100, no.1Atlantic genealogies / Ian Baucomiv, 321 p.
v.100, no.2Michel de Certeau: in the plural / Ian Buchananp. [323]-601
v.100, no.3Anglophone literatures and global culture / Susie O'Brien, Imre Szemanp. [603]-854
v.100, no.4Culture and the law / Gaurav Desaip. [855]-1072
v.101, no.1Vicissitudes of theory / Kenneth Suriniv, 244 p.
v.101, no.2Dissent from the homeland: essays after September 11 / Stanley Hauerwas, Frank Lentricchiap. [245]-439
v.101, no.3Medium cool / Andrew McNamara, Peter Krappp. [441]-727
v.101, no.4Enduring enchantments / Saurabh Dubep. [729]-11047
v.102, no.1Afterlives of Romanticism / Ian Baucom, Jennifer Kennedy281 p.
v.102, no.2-3Relocating the fault lines: Turkey beyond the East-West divide / Gen Geldere, Sibel Irzikp. 283-666
v.102, no.4Palestine-America / Mohammed Bamyehp. 667-916
v.103, no.1A general issue including poetry, fiction, criticism, and photo-essays / Frank Lentricchia275 p.
v.103, no.2-3And justice for all?: the claims of human rights / Ian Balfour, Eduardo Cadavap. [277]-588
v.103, no.4p. 589-879
v.104, no.1Music, image, gesture / Bryan Gilliam176 p.
v.104, no.2World orders: confronting Carl Schmitt's the nomos of the earth / William Raschp. [177]-392
v.104, no.3Racial Americana / John L. Jackson Jr.p. [393]-608
v.104, no.4Thinking Politically / Alberto Moreirasp. [609]-794
v.105, no.1Ambushed: the costs of machtpolitik / Dana D. Nelsoniv, 267 p.
v.105, no.2The pleasure principle : sport for the sake of pleasure / David L. Andrewsp. [269]-477 p.
v.105, no.3Double critique: knowledges and scholars at risk in post-Soviet societies / Walter D. Mignola, Madina Tlostanovap. [481]-662
v.105, no.4The last frontier?: the contemporary configuration of the U.S.-Mexico border / Jane Jufferp. [663]-886
v.106, no.1Latin America, in theory / David E. Johnson204 p.
v.106, no.2The late Derrida / Ian Balfourp. [205]-420
v.106, no.3After sex?: on writing since queer theory / Janet Halley, Andrew Parkerp. [421-646]
v.106, no.4Disastrous consequences / Eric Cazdynp. [647]-876
v.107, no.1The Agamben effect / Alison Rossiv, 212 p.
v.107, no.2The rhetoric of safety / Lawrence R. Schehrp. [213]-446
v.107, no.3Killing states / Jennifer L. Saratp. [447]-610
v.107, no.4Settler colonialism / Aloysha Goldstein, Alex Lubin[611]-866 p.
v.108, no.1Home / David A. Ellisoniv, 238 p.
v.108, no.2Intellectual labor / Timothy Brennan, Keya Gangulyp. [239]-418
v.108, no.3Africana thought / Grant Farredp. 419-600
v.108, no.4Academic freedom / Evan Watkinsp. [601]-802
v.109, no.1What's left of the left?: the view from Sudan / Rogaia Mustafa Abusharafvi, 223 p.
v.109, no.2Thinking black intellectuals / Grant Farredp. 226-449
v.109, no.3African modernism / Salah M. Hassanp. [451]-622
v.109, no.4Global christianity, global critique / Matthew Engelke, Joel Robbinsp. [624]-834
Descript v. ; 24 cm
v. 1(Jan. 1902)-
Note Editors: Jan. 1902-Jan. 1905, J. S. Bassett; Apr. 1905-Jan. 1919, W. H. Glasson (with Edwin Mims, Apr. 1905-July 1909; W. P. Few, Oct. 1909-Jan. 1919); Apr. 1919- W. K. Boyd, W. H. Wannamaker
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Published at Duke University, 19 -
Link Online version: South Atlantic quarterly (Online) 1527-8026 (DLC)sn 99004903 (OCoLC)42413446
Online version: South Atlantic quarterly (OCoLC)564527575
Alt Author Bassett, John Spencer, 1867-1928
Mims, Edwin, 1872-1959
Glasson, William Henry, 1874-
Few, William Preston, 1867-1940
Boyd, William Kenneth, 1879-1938
Wannamaker, William Hane, 1873-
Duke University
Alt Title South Atl. q
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