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100 1  Cieśliński, Cezary,|eauthor 
245 14 The epistemic lightness of truth :|bdeflationism and its 
       logic /|cCezary Cieśliński 
264  1 Cambridge, United Kingdom :|bCambridge University Press,
300    xiv, 298 pages ;|c25 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 285-291) and 
505 00 |g1.|tPreliminaries --|g1.1.|tPeano Arithmetic --|g1.2.
       |tModel Theory --|g1.3.|tConservativity --|g1.4.|tTruth --
       |g1.5.|tReflection Principles --|g2.|tApproaches to Truth 
       --|g2.1.|tModel-Theoretic versus Axiomatic Approach --
       |g2.2.|tApproaches to Truth: Aims and Assessments --|gpt. 
       I|tDisquotation --|g3.|tDisquotational Theories --|g3.1.
       |tTyped Disquotational Theories --|g3.2.|tUntyped 
       Disquotation --|g4.|tWhy Do We Need Disquotational Truth? 
       --|g4.1.|tExpressing Generalisations --|g5. The
       |tGeneralisation Problem --|g5.1.|tHorwich's First 
       Solution --|g5.2.|tHorwich's Second Solution --|gpt. II
       |tConservativity --|g6.|t(Non)Conservativity of 
       Disquotation --|g7.|tCT- and CT: Conservativity Properties
       --|g8.|tOther Compositional Truth Theories --|g8.1. The
       |tSystems of Kripke-Feferman and Friedman-Sheard --|g8.2.
       |tPositive Truth with Internal Induction for Total 
       Formulas --|g9.|tConservativity: Philosophical Motivations
       --|g9.1.|tSemantic Conservativity --|g9.2.|tSyntactic 
       Conservativity --|g10.|tMaximal Conservative Theories --
       |g11. The|tConservativeness Argument --|g11.1.
       |tFormulations --|g11.2.|tReactions to the 
       Conservativeness Argument --|gpt. III|tReflection 
       Principles --|g12. The|tStrength of Reflection Principles 
       --|g12.1.|tPartial Truth Predicates --|g12.2.|tThe Truth 
       of First-Order Logic --|g12.3.|tAo Induction and the Truth
       of Propositional Logic --|g12.4.|tCompositional Axioms and
       Reflection --|g13.|tDeflationism and Truth-Theoretical 
       Strength --|g13.1.|tTorkel Franzen on Implicit Commitments
       --|g13.2.|tAccepting PA -- Basic Options --|g13.3. The
       |tReflective Process --|g13.4.|tBelievability and 
       Reflective Commitment --|g13.5.|tPerspectives and 
650  0 Truth 
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