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A Revolution of the spindles for the overthrow of American slavery : 中央研究院; 電子書  1848? 1
A revolution of their own voices of women in Soviet history   2
Revolution on a human scale : liberal values, populist theory? / / Andrew Arato --Part II. : Revolutionary Constitutionalism Conference; 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED  2020 1
Revolution on my mind : writing a diary under Stalin   2
Revolution on the Range : The Rise of a New Ranch in the American West : White, Courtney; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2008 1
The revolution on trial : Debray, Régis; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  1978 1
Revolution on Wall Street : the rise and fall of the New York Stock Exchange : Blume, Marshall; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  1993 1
The revolution, or Britain delivered A poem, in ten cantos. Dedicated to the King. : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1800 1
Revolution or counter-revolution : the origins of the revolution of Chiang Kai-Shek : 施純純; 人文社會聯圖, Modern History Library, RCHSS Library ; PRINTED  2017 1
Revolution or evolution? A comparative poetics of post-revolutionary Iranian cinema : Sheibani, Khatereh; 中央研究院; 電子書    1
Revolution or Evolution? The 2007 Scottish Elections : The 2007 Scottish Elections : Curtice, John; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2009 1
Revolution or flash in the pan? / / Ellis Sandoz -- : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1981 1
Revolution or renaissance : making the transition from an economic age to a culture age : 謝弗; Modern History Library; PRINTED  2006 1
The Revolution, or The blessing of French liberty. A true story, in verse. Addressed to the people of Great Britain : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1799 1
The revolution: or, the redemption of God's people A sermon preach'd at the Lord's-day's evening lecture in the Old Jewry, November the 4th, 1711. Being the birth-day of the late King William ... By Samuel Rosewell, ... : Rosewell, Samuel,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1712 1
Revolution pace of Dr. Sun Yat-sen : 宏觀周報; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2016 1
La Revolution paysanne du Sud Viet Nam : Le, Chau; Modern History Library; PRINTED  1966 1
Révolution physiologique : Prochiantz, Alain,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  1990 1
Revolution plus love in village China : land reform as political romance in Sanliwan Village / / Charles A. Laughlin -- : Modern History Library, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED  2019 1
Revolution plus love : literary history, women's bodies, and thematic repetition in twentieth-century Chinese fiction   2
Revolution politicks being a compleat collection of all the reports, lyes, and stories, which were the fore-runners of the great revolution in 1688; commencing from the death of King Charles II. ... : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1733 1
Revolution politicks : the career of Daniel Finch, second Earl of Nottingham, 1647-1730 : Horwitz, Henry; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  1968 1
Revolution postponed : women in contemporary China   3
Revolution-principles: being a full defence of the Bishop of St Asaph's preface to his Four sermons: in answer to the objections which have been made against it; : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1713 1
Revolution principles fairly represented and defended Laying down distinctly the principles themselves, and demonstrating their consistence with scripture and reason, ... Being a second part of The principles of the Low Church-men, &c. By the same author. : Newton, William,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1714 1
Revolution principles : the politics of party, 1689-1720 : Kenyon, J. P.; Fu Ssu-Nien Library, RCHSS Library ; PRINTED  1990 1
The revolution protected, by the care of Providence A sermon preach'd at Hackney, Nov. 5, 1722. By John Barker. ... : Barker, John,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1722 1
Revolution Question : Feminisms in el Salvador, Chile, and Cuba Compared : Shayne, Julie D; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2004 1
Revolution, radicalism, and reform : England, 1780-1846 : Brown, Richard,; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  2000 1
Revolution, reaction, and reform: Conceptualizing the market place in France, 1848--1867 : Kim, Richard J; 中央研究院; 電子書    1
Revolution, reaction, and sectarianism in Ireland -- : Lockwood, Matthew H.,; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2019 1
Revolution, reaction, and the triumph of conservatism : English history, 1558-1700 : Graves, Michael A. R; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  1984 1
Revolution reassessed : revisions in the history of Tudor government and administration : RCHSS Library; PRINTED  1986 1
Revolution, rebellion, resistance : the power of story   2
The revolution recommended to our memories A sermon preach'd at the Abby-Church of St. Peter's Westminster, on November the fifth, 1715. By William Burscough, ...   2
The revolution recommended to our memories. A sermon preach'd at the Abby-Church of St. Peter's Westminster, on November the fifth, 1715. By William Burscough, M.A. chaplain to His Royal Highness the Prince, and Fellow of Wadham College in Oxford : Burscough, William,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1715 1
Revolution, reform and regionalism in Southeast Asia : Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam   3
Revolution, reform, and social justice : studies in the theory and practice of Marxism : Hook, Sidney,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1975 1
Revolution, religion, and national identity : imperial Anglicanism in British North America, 1745-1795 : Doll, Peter M.,; 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED  2000 1
The Revolution remembered : eyewitness accounts of the war for independence : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  1983 1
Revolution remembered : seditious memories after the British civil wars : Legon, Edward,; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2019 1
Revolution / renaissance : the art of liu Kuo-Sung : 劉國松; Fu Ssu-Nien Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED  2014 1
Revolution, resistance, and reform in village China   2
Revolution, resistance and resurrection (1927-1943) ; Introduction -- A new hope (1927 to 1931). The rise of China ; The work of two men ; Extraterritoriality to end -- The Japanese empire strikes back (1932 to 1941). Major battles ; The last judges ; Predators ; In the shadow of the gallows ; The badlands of North China ; Dark days ; Live by the gunboat... -- The end (1937 to 1943). The end of extraterritoriality ; Summing up -- Postscript : life after death : Clark, Douglas,; 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED  2015 1
Revolution, restoration, regeneration : historical cycles and the politics of time in Spain, 1870-1931 / / Javier Fernández-Sebastián and Gonzalo Capellán -- : Modern History Library, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED  2021 1
Revolution retrieved : writings on Marx, Keynes, capitalist crisis, and new social subjects (1967-83) : Negri, Antonio,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1988 1
Revolution, Revival, and Religious Conflict in Sandinista Nicaragua : Smith, Calvin L; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2007 1
La révolution russe : Coquin, François-Xavier; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  1962 1
Revolution : Russian art 1917-1932 : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2017 1
Revolution! : sayings of vladimir Lenin : Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich,; Modern History Library; PRINTED  2017 1
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