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Shaping justice landmark cases of the U.S. Supreme Court : Hall, Kermit L; 人文社會聯圖; SOUND RECDING  p2004 1
Shaping knowledge complex socio-spatial modelling for adaptive organizations   2
Shaping Language Policy in the U. S. : The Role of Composition Studies : Wible, Scott; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2013 1
Shaping light in nonlinear optical fibers   2
Shaping literacy achievement research we have, research we need   2
Shaping medieval markets : the organisation of commodity markets in Holland, c. 1200-c. 1450   2
Shaping memoirs: Intuitions, implicit learning, and architectural design : Cavallin, Humberto Eduardo; 中央研究院; 電子書    1
Shaping Memories : Reflections of African American Women Writers : Gabbin, Joanne Veal; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2009 1
Shaping modern liberalism : Herbert Croly and progressive thought : Stettner, Edward A.,; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  1993 1
Shaping modern Shanghai : colonialism in China's global city   2
Shaping modern times in rural France : the transformation and reproduction of an Aveyronnais community : Rogers, Susan Carol; Ethnology Library, RCHSS Library ; PRINTED  c1991 1
Shaping national responses to climate change : a post-Rio guide : RCHSS Library; PRINTED  c1995 1
Shaping new territories : the discursive construction of boundaries in suburban Dakar / / Eline Versluys -- : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2013 1
Shaping of a behaviorist   2
The shaping of a behaviorist : part two of an autobiography : Skinner, B. F.; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  1984 1
The shaping of a community : the rise and reformation of the English parish, c.1400-1560 : Kumin, Beat A.; 人文社會聯圖, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED  c1996 1
Shaping of a continent, North America's active west : National Geographic Society (U.S.).; Ethnology Library; MAP  c1985 1
The shaping of a field / / Erik Olssen : Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2006 1
The shaping of a national identity : Subcarpathian Rus', 1848-1948 : Magocsi, Paul R; Modern History Library; PRINTED  c1978 1
The shaping of Africa : cosmographic discourse and cartographic science in late medieval and early modern Europe : Relano, Francesc,; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2002 1
The shaping of ambient intelligence and the internet of things : historico-epistemic, socio-cultural, politico-institutional and eco-environmental dimensions : Bibri, Simon Elias,; 中央研究院; 電子書  2015 1
Shaping of America, 1783-1815 : Hanes, Richard Clay,; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  c2006 1
Shaping of America, 1783-1815 [reference library] : Hanes, Richard Clay,; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  c2006 1
The shaping of America : a geographical perspective on 500 years of history : Meinig, D. W.; RCHSS Library, Ethnology Library, Modern History Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED  1986 1
The shaping of America : a people's history of the young Republic : Smith, Page; Modern History Library; PRINTED  c1980 1
Shaping of American anthropology, 1883-1911   2
The shaping of American anthropology, 1883-1911; a Franz Boas reader. : Boas, Franz,; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  1974 1
The shaping of American diplomacy : readings and documents in American foreign relations : Williams, William Appleman.; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1956 1
The shaping of American ethnography : the Wilkes Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 : Joyce, Barry Alan; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  c2001 1
Shaping of American higher education : 科恩; Modern History Library; PRINTED  2010 1
The shaping of American higher education : emergence and growth of the contemporary system : Cohen, Arthur M; Modern History Library; PRINTED  c1998 1
The shaping of American liberalism : the debates over ratification, nullification, and slavery : Ericson, David F.,; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  c1993 1
The shaping of American religion : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1961- 1
The shaping of arithmetic : after C.F. Gauss's disquisitiones arithmeticae   2
The shaping of art history meditations on a discipline   2
The shaping of art history : Wilhelm Vöge, Adolph Goldschmidt, and the study of medieval art : Brush, Kathryn; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  1996 1
Shaping of authoritarian habitus under the KMT regime : some observations on seniority, military service, color joke, pornography, and the martial arts novel / Tang, Chih-Chieh, : IOS-SNU workshop(2013 :; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2013 1
The shaping of Black America : Bennett, Lerone,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1975 1
The shaping of British policy during the nationalist revolution in China : Stremski, Richard; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  c1979 1
The shaping of child-care policies / / Anders G. Broberg and C. Philip Hwang : Ethnology Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED  1992 1
Shaping of China's national image : 胡曉明; Modern History Library; PRINTED  2011 1
The shaping of Chinese foreign policy : O'Leary, Greg; RCHSS Library; PRINTED  c1980 1
The shaping of containment : Harry S. Truman, the national security council, and the cold war : Sale, Sara L.; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1998 1
Shaping of Data Networks -- / 2.1. : Kangovi, Sachidananda,; Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE  2017 1
The shaping of deduction in Greek mathematics : a study in cognitive history   3
The shaping of environmental policy in France : Szarka, Joseph; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2002 1
The shaping of environmentalism in America : Scheffer, Victor B; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  c1991 1
The shaping of foreign policy : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1969 1
The shaping of French national identity : narrating the nation's past, 1715-1830 : D'Auria, Matthew,; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2020 1
The shaping of German identity : authority and crisis, 1245-1414   3
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