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100 1  McCaffery, Steve 
245 14 The Darkness of the Present :|bPoetics, Anachronism, and 
       the Anomaly 
264  1 Alabama :|bUniversity of Alabama Press,|c2012 
264  4 |c©2012 
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490 1  Modern and Contemporary Poetics Ser 
505 0  Intro -- Contents -- List of Illustrations -- 
       Acknowledgments -- Introduction: Linearity, Anomaly, and 
       Anachronism: Toward an Archaeology of the New -- 1. 
       Cacophony, Abstraction, and Potentiality: The Fate of the 
       Dada Sound Poem -- 2. Corrosive Poetics: The Relief 
       Composition of Ronald Johnson's Radi os -- 3. 
       Interpretation and the Limit Text: An Approach to Jackson 
       Mac Low's Words nd Ends from Ez -- 4. Transcoherence and 
       Deletion: The Mesostic Writings of John Cage -- 5. A 
       Chapter of Accidents: Disfiguration and the Marbled Page 
       in Laurence Sterne's The Life and Opinions of Tristram 
       Shandy, Gentleman -- 6. From Muse to Mousepad: Informatics
       and the Avant-Garde -- 7. Parapoetics and the 
       Architectural Leap -- 8. "To Lose One's Way" (For Snails 
       and Nomads): The Radical Labyrinths of Constant and 
       Arakawa and Gins -- 9. Difficult Harmony: The Picturesque 
       Detail in Gilpin, Price, and Clark Coolidge's Space -- 10.
       The 'Pataphysics of Auschwitz -- 11. The Instrumental 
       Nightingale: Some Counter-Musical Inflections in Poetry 
       from Gray to Celan -- Notes -- Works Cited -- Index 
520    The Darkness of the Present includes essays that 
       collectively investigate the roles of anomaly and 
       anachronism as they work to unsettle commonplace notions 
       of the "contemporary" in the field of poetics.   In the 
       eleven essays of The Darkness of the Present, poet and 
       critic Steve McCaffery argues that by approaching the past
       and the present as unified entities, the contemporary is 
       made historical at the same time as the historical is made
       contemporary.   McCaffery's writings work against the urge
       to classify works by placing them in standard literary 
       periods or disciplinary partitions. Instead, McCaffery 
       offers a variety of insights into unusual and ingenious 
       affiliations between poetic works that may have previously
       seemed distinctive. He questions the usual associations of
       originality and precedence. In the process, he repositions
       many texts within genealogies separate from the ones to 
       which they are traditionally assigned.   The chapters in 
       The Darkness of the Present might seem to present an 
       eclectic façade and can certainly be read independently. 
       They are linked, however, by a common preoccupation 
       reflected in the title of the book: the anomaly and the 
       anachronism and the way their empirical emergence works to
       unsettle a steady notion of the "contemporary" or "new." 
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       Present : Poetics, Anachronism, and the Anomaly|dAlabama :
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