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Title Morrison pahphlets [microform]. 231 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [1999]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.231(ROLL 8696)    AVAILABLE    30530001120831
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series 東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-IX-a(1)-1~20, P-IX-a(2)-21~32
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Denyes, John Russell. The Malaysia mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church (P-IX-a-1)
Loos, D. de. Petroleum (P-IX-a-6)
Pauthier, G. Rapport sur deux médailles en cuivre jaune trouvées à Sourabaya, Ile de Java, dont les fac-similés lithographiques ont été envoyés à la Société par M. Netscher, de Batavia (P-IX-a-8)
Pocock, R. I. The Sumatran tiger (P-IX-a-17)
Hoffmann, Joseph. De Chinesche Feestdagen volgens den Javaanschen Almanak voor het Jaar daal 1783. (J.C. 1854/55.) (P-IX-a-18)
Day, Clive. The Dutch in Java. Review of book entitled: "The policy and administration of the Dutch in Java," by Clive Day (P-IX-a-19)
Newdegate, Francis. The romance of Western Australia (P-IX-a-20)
Naef, Paul. Feierabend auf Sumatra (P-IX-a-21)
Coote, Philip C. A traveller in Java (P-IX-a-22)
Lekkerkerker, C. Un grand empire du moyen age à Sumatra (P-IX-a-23)
Coleman, Leonard W. Java (P-IX-a-24)
Anton, G. K. Neuere Agrarpolitik der Holländer auf Java (P-IX-a-25)
Young, J. W. Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van Borneo's Wester-Afdeeling (P-IX-a-26)
Suttor, J. B. Report on the trade of Java and the Dutch East Indies, 1908 (P-IX-a-27)
Vissering, G. Annual report of the president of the Java Bank and the board of directors for the year 1911/12 being the 84th of the Company. Presented at the General Meeting of Voting Share holders on June 14th, 1912 (P-IX-a-28)
Bourdarie, Paul. Aux Indes néerlandaises. Avec: L'imposition du capital aux Indes néerlandaises par Marcel Barrière (P-IX-a-29)
Brou, Alexandre. Bulletin des missions. Les Indes néerlandaises (P-IX-a-30)
Baermann, Gustav. Die Assanierung der javanischen und chinesischen Arbeiterbestände der dem Serdang-Doctor-Fond, Deli-Sumatra, angeschlossenen Pflanzungsgebiete (P-IX-a-32)
Toyo Bunko (Japan). Nanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai
Alt Title Morrison pamphlet. 231
Borneo and the Indian Archipelago: Review based upon: - 1. The expedition to Borneo of Her Majesty's Ship Dido. By Capt. the Hon. H. Keppel. - 2. Enterprise in Tropical Australia. By G. W Earl. - 3. Trade and travel in the Far East. By G. F. Davidson. - 4. An address, with a proposal for the foundation of a church... at Sarawak, Borneo. - 5. Discoveries in Australia (P-IX-a-2)
Anderson's mission to Sumatra: Review based upon: - Mission to the East coast of Sumatra in 1823,... By J. Anderson, & c. (P-IX-a-3)
Voyage aux Indes Orientales, pendant les années (P-IX-a-4)
Memoir of the life and public services of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (P-IX-a-5)
Paying in person. A Far-Eastern reminiscence (P-IX-a-7)
The Malay Archipelago. Review based upon: -1. The Golden Chersonese by Mrs. Bishop. 1883. -2. The Journal of a lady's travels round the world by F. D. Bridges. 1883 (P-IX-a-9)
Borneo and Celebes: Review based upon: - 1. narrative of events in Borneo and Celebes, down to the occupat. of Labuan... By Capt. R. Mundy. - 2. Sarawak, its inhabitants and productions. By H. Low (P-IX-a-10)
The Malay Archipelago: Review based upon: -1. Travels in the East Indian Archipelago. By A. S. Bickmore. -2. The Malay Archipelago. By A. R. Wallace (P-IX-a-11)
The Indian Archipelago: Review based upon: - 1. History of the Indian Archipelago. By J. Crawfurd. - 2. Proceeding of the Agricultural Soc. Vol. 1. - 3. Malaya miscellanies. Vol. 1 (P-IX-a-12)
Note on the article on 'Java' (P-IX-a-13)
Raffles's History of Java: Review based upon: - The history of Java 1818. By T. S. Raffles (P-IX-a-14)
Raffles's History of Java: Review based upon: - The history of Java 1817. By T. S. Raffles (P-IX-a-15)
Sir Stamford Raffles. Sir James Brooke: Review based upon: -1. Sir Stamford Raffles' memoirs. -2. Moor's miscellanies of the Indian Archipelago. -3. Sir J. Brooke's journals. -4. Papers relating to the piracies committed in the Indian Archipelago,... -5. Singapore journals, 1831-1852 (P-IX-a-16)
La Fance aux Indes neelandaises (P-IX-a-31)
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