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The time-serving Proteus, and ambidexter divine, uncased to the vvorld containing two letters of M. John Dury (the great champion for the new ingagement, faithfully extracted out of the originalls under his own hand) : the first, to Joseph Hall, late Bishop of Exeter : the second, to William Lawd, late Archbishop of Canterbury : wherein he expresseth the reasons which moved him, not onely to scruple and dislike, but in some sort to renounce his ecclesiasticall orders and ministeriall function, f : Prynne, William,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1650 1
A time-serving speech spoken once in season : Worthy member of Parliament; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1680 1
Time-sharing computer systems : Wilkes, M. V.; Information Sci. Lib.; PRINTED  1975 1
Time-sharing on stage : drama translation in theatre and society : Aaltonen, Sirkku; Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib.; PRINTED  c2000 1
Time shift : Cubitt, Sean,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1991 1
Time shifting : creating more time to enjoy your life : 赫特夏芬; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  1997 1
The time ship a chrononautical journey : Gaspar, Enrique,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  2012 1
Time-Slice Epistemology and Action Under Indeterminacy / / Sarah Moss -- : Euro-Am Studies Lib, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED  2015 1
Time slicing -- / 3. : Bastianelli, Fiorenzo,; 中央研究院; 電子書  2006 1
Time, space and atoms : 考格斯; Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib., RCHSS Library ; PRINTED  1976 1
Time, space and capital : Andersson, Åke E.,; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2017 1
Time, space and capital in India : longing and belonging in an urban-industrial hinterland : Majumder, Atreyee,; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  2019 1
Time, space and ethics in the philosophy of Watsuji Tetsurō, Kuki Shūzō, and Martin Heidegger : Mayeda, Graham; Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib.; PRINTED  c2006 1
Time, space, and gender in the nineteenth-century British diary : Steinitz, Rebecca; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  2011 1
Time, space, and hierarchy : the subaltern culture of Chinese mendicants : 盧漢超; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2012 1
Time, space and innovation : an archaeological case study on the romanization of the north-western provinces (50 BC to AD 50) : Dürrwächter, Claudia; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2009 1
Time, space, and knowledge series : Tarthang Tulku; Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib.; PRINTED  c1987 1
Time, Space, and Metaphysics : Rundle, Bede; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2009 1
Time, space, and mind : roots of humanity : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED    1
Time, space, and motion in the age of Shakespeare   2
Time-space and narrative of modernity : in search of water vein of postwar society in Japan : 吉原直樹; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2004 1
Time, space, and philosophy   2
Time, space and regionalisation / / Anthony Giddens (p. 265) -- 13, : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED  1985 1
Time, space and regionalization --   2
Time, space, and Shakespeare: Temporal and spatial disturbances at the point of cultural contact (William Shakespeare) : Murray, Jessica L; 中央研究院; 電子書    1
Time, space, and society : geographical societal perspectives : Kellerman, Aharon; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  c1989 1
Time, space, and space-time : Cooke, Roger,; Mathematics Library; COMPUTER FILE  2017 1
Time, Space and the Human Body : F. Narváez, Rafael; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2019 1
Time, Space and the Human Body: an Interdisciplinary Look / Print version: F. Narváez, Rafael Boston : BRILL,c2019 : F. Narváez, Rafael; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE  2019 1
Time, space, and the nation : Morris-Suzuki, Tessa; Modern History Library, Ethnology Library, CAPAS Library ; PRINTED  1998 1
Time, space, and the unknown : Maasai configurations of power and providence   3
Time, space and things   2
Time, space, and transition in Anasazi prehistory : Berry, Michael S; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  c1982 1
Time-space compression : historical geographies   2
Time-space of human activity : Schatzki, Theodore R; Ethnology Library; PRINTED  c2010 1
Time-space, spiking neural networks and brain-inspired artificial intelligence : Kasabov, Nikola K.,; Information Sci. Lib.; COMPUTER FILE  2019 1
Time, space, stars and man : Woolfson, Michael M.; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  2013 1
Time, space, stars & man the story of the big bang   4
Time-space structure of Chinese cities : 柴彥威; Modern History Library, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED  2002 1
Time-space transformations of geographic space, for exploring, analyzing and visualizing transportation systems : Ahmed, Nobbir; 中央研究院; 電子書    1
Time spent as it ought to be : Mather, Cotton,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1721 1
Time spirit flourish : 余音; Chinese Lit.&Phi. Lib.; PRINTED  2019 1
Time-splitting methods for nonhomogeneous conservation laws / / T. Tang and Zhen Huan Teng -- : Mathematics of Computation 50th Anniversary Symposium; Mathematics Library; 電子書  c1994 1
Time squeeze: the extra month of work : Theories of the time squeeze ; Doing more for the paycheck ; More people working ; More hours of work ; The shrinking vacation ; The time squeeze at home ; Involuntary leisure: underemployment and unemployment -- / 3. : Schor, Juliet; RCHSS Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED  1991 1
Time stands still a play : Margulies, Donald; Computing Center Lib.; COMPUTER FILE  2010 1
Time-stepping methods for linear complementarity systems : International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians; Mathematics Library; COMPUTER FILE  c2012 1
Time storms : 倫道斯; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED  2002 1
Time strategies, innovation and environmental policy : Economics Library; PRINTED  2005 1
Time structures : formal description and algorithmic representation   2
Time studies 學習時代 : Life Sci. LIB; PRINTED  c1998- 1
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