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Vvedenie v spektralʹnu︠i︡u teori︠i︡u.   2
Vvedenie v spektralʹnu︠i︡u teori︠i︡u polinomialʹnykh operatornykh puchkov.   2
Vvedenie v statistichesku︠i︡u dinamiku sistem avtomaticheskogo upravleni︠i︡a. : Solodovnikov, V. V.; Mathematics Library, Physics Library ; PRINTED  1960 1
Vvedenie v teoretichesku︠i︡u stereokhimi︠i︡u / Sokolov, V︠i︡acheslav I. (V︠i︡acheslav Ivanovich), 1935- : Sokolov, V︠i︡acheslav I.; Chemistry Library; PRINTED  c1991 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u atomnykh spektrov.   2
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u banakhovykh predstavleniĭ grupp. : L︠i︡ubich, ︠I︡U. I.; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  1988 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u differen︠t︡sialʹnykh uravneniĭ s otklon︠i︡a︠i︡ushchims︠i︡a argumentom. : Ėlʹsgolʹ︠t︡s, L. Ė.; Mathematics Library, Statistics Sci. Lib. ; PRINTED  1973 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u funk︠t︡sionalʹno-differen︠t︡sialʹnykh uravneniĭ. : Azbelev, N. V; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  1995 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u grupp. : Bogopolʹskij, Oleg Vladimirovič; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  c2008 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u klimata. : Monin, A. S.; Physics Library; PRINTED  c1986 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u kolebaniĭ i voln. : Rabinovich, M. I; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  c1989 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u konechnykh avtomatov. : Kobrinskiĭ, Natan Efimovich; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  1965 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u kvantovannykh poleĭ.   3
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u lineĭnykh nesamosopr︠i︡azhennykh operatorov.   2
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u lineĭnykh prostranstv. : Shilov, G. E.; Physics Library, Mathematics Library ; PRINTED  1961 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u lineĭnykh sistem differen︠t︡sialʹnykh uravneniĭ.   2
Vvedenie v teorii︠u︡ massovogo obsluzhivanii︠a︡. : Gnedenko, B. V.; Mathematics Library; 電子書  1989 1
Vvedenie v teorii︠u︡ massovogo obsluzhivanii︠a︡. English. Introduction to queueing theory. / Print version: Gnedenko, B.V. (Boris Vladimirovich), 1912-1995. Second edition, revised and supplementedition 0817634231 (DLC) 89007306 (OCoLC)19623693 : Gnedenko, B. V.; Mathematics Library; 電子書  1989 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u mezhmolekul︠i︡arnykh vzaimodeĭstviĭ. : Kaplan, I. G.; Atom & Molecular Lib.; PRINTED  1986 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u normalʹnykh metallov : Abrikosov, A. A.; Physics Library; PRINTED  1972 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u odnomernykh singul︠i︡arnykh integralʹnykh operatorov. : Gohberg, I.; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  1992 1
Vvedenie v teoriiu poluprovodikov. : Anselm, A. I.; Information Sci. Lib.; PRINTED  c1981 1
Vvedenie v teorii︠u︡ ranneĭ Vselennoĭ. : Gorbunov, D. S.; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  c2011 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u sluchaĭnykh pro︠t︡sessov.   2
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u sta︠t︡sionarnykh sluchaĭnykh funk︠t︡siĭ. : ︠I︡Aglom, A. M; Mathematics Library; PRINTED  1962 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u ︠t︡selykh funk︠t︡siĭ mnogikh peremennykh.   2
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u ustoĭchivosti dvizheni︠i︡a. : Merkin, David Rakhmilʹevich; Economics Library, Mathematics Library ; PRINTED  c1997 1
Vvedenie v teori︠i︡u ustoĭchivosti. : Barbashin, Evgeniĭ Alekseevich; Physics Library; PRINTED  1970 1
Vvedenie v theori︠i︡u neupor︠i︡adochennykyh sistem. : Lifshi︠t︡s, I. M.; Physics Library; PRINTED  c1988 1
Vvedenie v topologi︠i︡u.   2
Vvedenie v tsifrovuiu obrabotku izobrazhenii. : Yaroslavsky, L. P.; Information Sci. Lib.; PRINTED  c1985 1
Vvedeniye v matematicheskiye metody dlya istorikov elementy : teorii veroyatnostey Metodicheskiye ukaeaniya : Gor'kogo. A. M; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED  1989 1
VVee have brought our hogges to a faire market; with some remembrances of the estates and conditions of the Church, King, kingdome, Parliament, Armie, and citie of London. And the one, and onely way to cure all our miseries described : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1648 1
VVee whose names are hereunto subscribed, being members of the House of Commons, and free men of England : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1648 1
VVeedes   4
A vveek-daies lecture, or, continued sermon to wit, the preaching of the heavens. And how they sound forth, & declare the power and glory of God; and do visibly demonstrate his handy work, to all rationall men in all the world, of all languages, that will consider them seriously as they ought. Containing also an exhortation to the Christian readers, to put them on to a serious consideration of these unutterable things, that are here presented to their grave, deliberate, and retired thoughts; tha : Bradshaw, Ellis; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1649 1
VVeekely news from Scotland and the court : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1643 1
A vveekes worke Containing rules and directions how to walke in the wayes of godliness both to God and man: being an antidote to preserve all people against the back-sliding errours of these latter and dangerous times of ignorance and prophanesse. With prayers and meditations very usefull for all Christians. By that reverend divine Mr. Richard Barnerd, at Batcomb in Somerset-shire : Bernard, Richard,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1650? 1
The vveepers: or, the bed of snakes broken. Wit vitiated, and made a pander to wickednesse; instanced in a pack of knaves (calling themselves servants to the late King) worthy the anger of the present age; and the wonder and indignation of all posterity. Six cupping-glasses, clapt to the cloven feet of the six dæmons, who govern the times by turns from Munday to Saturday annually. : Sheppard, S.; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1652 1
The vveeping lady: or, London like Niniuie in sack-cloth Describing the mappe of her owne miserie, in this time of her heauy visitation; with her hearty prayers, admonition, and pious meditations, as the occasions of them offer themselues in her passion. Written by T.B : T. B.; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1629 1
VVegzeiger zu dem vvunderbarlichen Sachen der heiligen Stat Rom. furnemlich zu den Siben in der gantzen Christenheit hoch-berümbten, aus ihren dreihundert und funfzig Kirchen halten der Siben VVege ... : Bavinck, Hermann; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; MICROFORM  1670 1
VVegzeiger zv dem vvvnderbarlichen Sachen der heiligen Stat Rom. fvrnemlich zv den Siben in der gantzen Christenheit hoch-berùmbten, aus ihren dreihundert vnd funfzig Kirchen halten de Siben VVege ... : Bavinck, Hermann; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; MICROFORM  1670 1
A VVelch bayte to spare prouender. Or, A looking backe vpon the times past Written dialogue wise. This booke is diuided into three parts, the first, a briefe discourse of Englands securitie, while her late Maiestie was liuing, with the maner of her proceeding in gouernment, especially towards the papists and puritanes of England, whereof a letter written late before her death, specifics, as followeth in this first part. The second, a description of the distractions during her Maiesties sickeness : Powell, Thomas,; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1603 1
The VVelch embassadour, or the happy newes his vvorship hath brought to London. Together with her thirteene articles of acreements, which her propounds to all her cousens in her countiies [sic] and her cities to consider of : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1643 1
VVelch-man turned physitian : Morgan, Shinkin ap; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1643 1
The VVelch mans inventory han infentory of the covdes of William Morgan, ap Renald, ap Hugh, ap Richard, ap Thomas, ap Evan, ap Rice, in the county of Clamorgan, Shentleman : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1641 1
The VVelch-mans life, teath and periall Together vvith a long narrow prod list, of the care her tooke in hers life-time, to make awle hims frend and acquaintance merry at her teath, abscribing the manner of hers finerall, [sic] with faire cost bestowed upon them that comes to hims periall : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1641 1
The VVelch-mans warning-piece. As it was delivered in a sermon in Shropshire at the assembly when the resolution was agreed upon. And now pnblished [sic] for the cood of all her countrymen in these parts. By Shon ap Morgan. In the anti-prelatian yeer. 1642. Wherein her gives Kot thanks, that her was no beshit : Morgan, Shon ap; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1642 1
The VVelch-mans warning-piece as it was delivered in a sermon in Shropshire at the assembly when the resolution was agreed upon : and now published for the cood of all her countrymen in these parts : Morgan, Shon ap; 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1642 1
The VVelch plunderer, or her sore lamentation and perplexity hearing of P. Roberts pillaging and plundering in Glocestershire, and fearing his approach unto Wales, her is resolved to prevent her comming by a cunning stratagem, before her shall suprise it : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE  1643 1
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