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100 1  Seek, Ngee Huat,|eauthor 
245 10 Singapore's real estate :|b50 years of transformation /
       |cNgee Huat Seek (NUS, Singapore), Tien Foo Sing (NUS, 
       Singapore), Shi-Ming Yu (NUS, Singapore) 
264  1 Singapore ;|aHackensack, NJ :|bWorld Scientific Publishing
       Co. Pte. Ltd.,|c2016 
300    xvi, 283 pages :|billustrations (some color) ;|c26 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 0  World Scientific series on Singapore's 50 years of nation-
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Evolution of the real estate industry in Singapore / Seek 
       Ngee Huat -- Transforming a nation: role of government 
       agencies / Yu Shi Ming & Sing Tien Foo -- Changing skyline
       : real estate development industry in Singapore / Sing 
       Tien Foo -- Roles of intermediaries in real estate 
       industry / Yu Shi Ming --  Evolution of the Singapore 
       commercial real estate industry in a global context / Seek
       Ngee Huat -- Exporting Singapore's experiences in real 
       estate development and urban planning / Sing Tien Foo & Yu
       Shi Ming -- The rise of Singapore's real estate investment
       trust (SREIT) market / Sing Tien Foo -- Bridging the gap 
       between capital and real estate markets / Seek Ngee Huat, 
       Sing Tien Foo -- Real estate education / Yu Shi Ming -- 
       Transforming Singapore's real estate: building on firm 
       foundation / Sing Tien Foo & Yu Shi Ming 
520    "Singapore's Real Estate: 50 Years of Transformation 
       documents the transformation and development of the real 
       estate market in Singapore over the past 50 years. This 
       volume is organised around two major themes, and covers 
       issues from the "bricks and mortar" to the capital 
       markets; and from local to international real estate 
       markets. The themes aptly describe how real estate has 
       played an important role in the economic development and 
       growth of Singapore from a third world to a first world 
       country. Written by well-renowned experts with deep 
       academic and practical knowledge of the progress of real 
       estate in Singapore, this book highlights the uniqueness 
       of real estate markets and institutions in Singapore, 
       which have constantly been replicated and adopted in other
       markets"--|cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Real estate business|zSingapore 
700 1  Sing, Tien Foo,|eauthor 
700 1  Yu, Shi-Ming,|eauthor 
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