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008    840112s1807    dcubf   s     000 0 eng d 
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100 1  King, N.|q(Nicholas),|d1771-1812 
245 13 An account of a voyage up the Mississippi River, from St. 
       Louis to its source;|h[electronic resource] :|bmade under 
       the orders of the War Department, by Lieut. Pike, of the 
       United States Army, in the years 1805 and 1806. /
       |cCompiled from Mr. Pike's journal 
260    [Washington, D.C. :|bs.n.,|c1807?] 
300    68 p., [1] folded leaf of plates :|b1 map ;|c25 cm 
500    Told in the third person. This paraphrase of Pike's 
       journal seems to be the work of Nicholas King. The 
       manuscript copy in the Library of Congress, Division of 
       Manuscripts, is in the handwriting of King. Its title ends
       with the statement, "Compiled from Mr. Pike's journal by 
       Nich. King." The last three words are partly erased 
500    "Map of the Mississippi River from its source to the mouth
       of the Missouri: laid down from the notes of Lieut't. Z.M.
       Pike by Anthony Nau. Reduced, and corrected by the 
       astronomical observations of Mr. Thompson at its source; 
       and of Capt'n. M. Lewis, where it receives the waters of 
       the Missouri. By Nich's. King."--folded leaf. Signed: 
       Engraved by Francis Shallus, Philadelphia 
500    Pike's journal was first published in 1810 under the title
       : An account of expeditions to the sources of the 
       Mississippi .. 
500    Imprint suggested by Shaw & Shoemaker 
500    "Extract of a letter from N. Boilvin, Indian agent, to the
       secretary of war, dated St. Louis, October 6th, 1806."--p.
510 4  Shaw & Shoemaker|c13393 
530    Microform version available in the Readex Early American 
       Imprints series 
533    Electronic text and image data.|b[Chester, Vt. :|cReadex, 
       a division of Newsbank, Inc.,|d2004-2007]|eIncludes files 
       in TIFF, GIF and PDF formats with inclusion of keyword 
       searchable text.|f(Early American imprints. Second series 
       ; no. 13393) 
650  0 Indians of North America|zMississippi River Valley 
651  0 Mississippi River|xDescription and travel 
651  0 United States|xDiscovery and exploration 
655  7 Maps|zMississippi River.|2rbgenr 
700 1  Pike, Zebulon Montgomery,|d1779-1813.|tAccount of 
       expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi 
700 1  King, N.|q(Nicholas),|d1771-1812,|ecartographer 
700 1  Nau, Anthony,|ecartographer 
700 1  Shallus, Francis,|eengraver 
752    United States|bDistrict of Columbia|dWashington 
830  0 Early American imprints.|nSecond series ;|vno. 13393 
856 41 |u|yShaw-
       Shoemaker Digital Edition