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100 1  North, Connie E 
245 10 Teaching for "social justice"?  Exploring the meanings, 
       implications, and promise of education's latest 
300    424 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 68-
       04, Section: A, page: 1309 
500    Advisers:  Stacey Lee; Simone Schweber 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 
520    At the dawning of the twenty-first century, the term 
       'social justice' pervades educational publications, 
       programs, and curricular materials. Rarely, however, is 
       the substantive meaning of this label made explicit or 
       publicly debated outside of the university setting. This 
       qualitative case study examines the process of four K-12 
       educators and a dissertator discussing, studying, and 
       acting on the potential power of 'social justice.' The 
       four educators had varied life histories and social group 
       affiliations and worked in different kinds of schools in a
       single county 
520    Throughout 2006, the members of this group met monthly to 
       examine their own and each other's educational 
       philosophies, practices, and teaching sites. The 
       researcher also made weekly visits to each educator's 
       classroom. Using experimental writing methods and 
       qualitative case study methodology, this dissertation 
       bridges teacher and academic discourses on education and 
       analyzes the complex, interconnected competencies 
       developed in the name of social justicenamely, functional,
       critical, relational, democratic, and visionary 
       literacies. As such, it reveals the power of cross-
       institutional, democratic inquiry on social issues in 
590    School code: 0262 
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650  4 Education, Curriculum and Instruction 
650  4 Education, Philosophy of 
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710 2  The University of Wisconsin - Madison 
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