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100 1  Jessee, David Thomas 
245 14 The composition of sustained motivation in successful real
       estate salespeople 
300    83 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 45-03, 
       page: 1682 
500    Adviser: Dennis Jaffe 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Saybrook Graduate School and Research 
       Center, 2007 
520    What driving motivational forces create and sustain 
       success for high-achieving real estate salespeople? This 
       investigation reveals several motivational characteristics
       common among the study participants 
520    The study used a mixed-methods research design that 
       employed qualitative and quantitative forms of data 
       collected from 20 real estate salespeople in metropolitan 
       Indianapolis, Indiana. Data gathering instruments were 
       semistructured, recorded interviews and self-administered 
       Achievement Motivation Scale, Self-determination Scale, 
       and Aspiration Scale 
520    The study revealed that, for the majority of study 
       participants, a drive to maintain high self-esteem from 
       the recognition of doing an excellent job sustained career
       success. The formation of motivation for success to serve 
       the desire for high self-esteem was, in part, influenced 
       by family experiences. Utilizing the findings of this 
       study is recommended to determine whether new-hire 
       screening procedures can decrease early failure rates for 
       new real estate salespeople 
590    School code: 0795 
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650  4 Business Administration, Marketing 
650  4 Psychology, Industrial 
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710 2  Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center 
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