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100 1  Sorensen, Asael 
245 10 Zazzer: Forming Friendships on Digital Social Networks 
       Technology and Social Connectivity 
300    48 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 50-03, 
       page: 1819 
500    Adviser: Kurt VanLehn 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--Arizona State University, 2011 
520    Strong communities are important for society. One of the 
       most important community builders, making friends, is 
       poorly supported online. Dating sites support it but in 
       romantic contexts. Other major social networks seem not to
       encourage it because either their purpose isn't compatible
       with introducing strangers or the prevalent methods of 
       introduction aren't effective enough to merit use over 
       real word alternatives. This paper presents a novel 
       digital social network emphasizing creating friendships. 
       Research has shown video chat communication can reach in-
       person levels of trust; coupled with a game environment to
       ease the discomfort people often have interacting with 
       strangers and a recommendation engine, Zazzer, the 
       presented system, allows people to meet and get to know 
       each other in a manner much more true to real life than 
       traditional methods. Its network also allows players to 
       continue to communicate afterwards. The evaluation looks 
       at real world use, measuring the frequency with which 
       players choose the video chat game versus alternative, 
       more traditional methods of online introduction. It also 
       looks at interactions after the initial meeting to 
       discover how effective video chat games are in creating 
       sticky social connections. After initial use it became 
       apparent a critical mass of users would be necessary to 
       draw strong conclusions, however the collected data seemed
       to give preliminary support to the idea that video chat 
       games are more effective than traditional ways of meeting 
       online in creating new relationships 
590    School code: 0010 
650  4 Psychology, Behavioral 
650  4 Psychology, Social 
650  4 Speech Communication 
650  4 Multimedia Communications 
650  4 Computer Science 
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710 2  Arizona State University.|bComputer Science 
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