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100 1  Neighbours, Joleen Elaine 
245 14 The Role of Gender Identity in Regard to Differentiated 
       Instruction (DI) in Theatre Arts Education 
300    227 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-
       12, Section: A, page: 4489 
500    Adviser:  John Keeler 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Regent University, 2011 
520    Adolescent females in theatre arts educational programs in
       the United States appear to face many special challenges 
       of prejudice and other barriers that may prevent them from
       successfully pursuing further study or professional 
       careers in the theatre arts. This study explores and 
       demonstrates the significance of gender in performing arts
       education, particularly in the public school setting, 
       drawing from scholarly literature dealing with women in 
       the arts and using a qualitative research approach that 
       included interviews with female adolescents currently in 
       theatre arts programs, theatre arts educators and other 
       experts, and examination of theatre arts curricula. The 
       study addressed what, how and to what extent academicians,
       teachers, directors, and others are teaching young women 
       about being theatre artists and how their experience in 
       theatre arts enables them to learn about themselves as 
       they learn their craft. The study yields new insights 
       about these issues that should be helpful to many scholars
       and practitioners interested in the education of young 
       women in the theatre arts area. It calls for theatre arts 
       education that better meets the unique needs of young 
       women and provides the groundwork for feminine view of 
       theatre arts education for young women---a new way of 
       thinking that contrasts with previous feminist 
       perspectives applied to theatre arts 
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650  4 Education, Performing Arts 
650  4 Theater 
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710 2  Regent University 
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