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100 1  Stephenson, Cayla A 
245 10 Multitasking & communication in the organization 
300    52 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 52-04 
500    Adviser: Nobuya Inagaki 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Gonzaga University, 2013 
520    Because communication is an intricate part of how an 
       organization works, and because organizations and 
       employees alike are stressing the importance of 
       multitasking on the job, studying the interaction of 
       communication and multitasking is increasingly important. 
       Studies relating to multitasking have revealed primarily 
       negative impacts: doubling task completion time, 
       overstimulating our brains to the point of dysfunction, 
       generally diminishing our productivity, and extinguishing 
       our stimuli filters and damaging our memories. Other 
       studies show that we can use multitasking in a positive 
       way by utilizing task trainings and practicing focused 
       task completion. The study here completed two focus groups
       with 12 participants employed in a single department at an
       organization. The focus-group questions sought to gather 
       data about the influence of multitasking on workplace 
       productivity and the role multitasking plays in the 
       employees' daily work, primarily by addressing the 
       relationship between multitasking and communication 
       methods at the organization. Results of this study 
       included the development of several new communication 
       tools between employees and managers. Participants 
       believed that communications from management and the 
       organization are not keeping up with the electronic era. 
       Participants strongly believed that the organization is 
       enforcing multitasking as a way of life but not offering 
       them the means to cope with or properly utilize 
520    Keywords: multitask(ing), organization, communication, 
       Encoding-Variability Theory, Social Identity Theory 
590    School code: 0736 
650  4 Speech Communication 
650  4 Sociology, Organizational 
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710 2  Gonzaga University.|bCommunication and Leadership 
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