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245 00 Envisioning TESOL through a tranlanguaging lens :|bglobal 
       perspectives /|cedited by Zhongfeng Tian, Laila Aghai, 
       Peter Sayer, Jamie L. Schissel 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    1 online resource (xvii, 374 pages) :|billustrations, 
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490 1  Educational linguistics,|x1572-0292 ;|vvolume 45 
505 0  Foreword: Cutting Through the Monolingual Grip of TESOL 
       Tradition - The Transformative Power of the 
       Translanguaging Lens; Angel M. Y. Lin -- Envisioning TESOL
       through a Translanguaging Lens in the Era of Post-
       Multilingualism; Zhongfeng Tian, Laila Aghai, Peter Sayer,
       and Jamie L. Schissel -- Part I: Theorizing 
       Translanguaging in TESOL -- Broadening the View: Taking up
       a Translanguaging Pedagogy with All Language-minoritized 
       Students; Kate Seltzer, and Ofelia Garcia -- The Need for 
       Translanguaging in TESOL; Sabrina F. Sembiante, and 
       Zhongfeng Tian -- Framing the Realities of TESOL Practice 
       through a Translanguaging Lens; Graham Hall -- Part II: 
       "No, Professor, That is Not True": First Attempts at 
       Introducing Translanguaging to Pre-service Teachers; Elena
       Andrei, Amanda Kibler, and April Salerno -- Reenvisioning 
       Second Language Teacher Education through Translanguaging 
       Praxis; Matthew R. Deroo, Christina M. Ponzio and Peter De
       Costa -- Learning to Teach English for Justice from a 
       Translanguaging Orientation; Elizabeth Robinson, Zhongfeng
       Tian, Elie Crief, and Maira Lins Prado -- Pedagogical 
       Sismo: Translanguaging Approaches for English Language 
       Instruction and Assessment in Oaxaca, Mexico; Julio 
       Morales, Jamie L. Schissel, and Mario Lopez-Gopar -- 
       Incorporating Australian Primary Students' Linguistic 
       Repertoire into Teaching and Learning; Marianne Turner -- 
       Translanguaging as a Decolonization Project?: Malawian 
       Teachers' Complex and Competing Desires for Local 
       Languages and Global English; Sunny Man Chu Lau -- Part 
       III: Translanguaging in TESOL Classrooms -- Tower of Babel
       or Garden of Eden? Teaching English as a Foreign Language 
       through a Translanguaging Lens; Mirjam Gunther-van der 
       Meij and Joana Duarte -- "Colibri" 'Hummingbird' as 
       Translanguaging Metaphor; Brian Seilstad and Somin Kim -- 
       Translanguaging and Task Based Language Teaching: 
       Crossovers and Challenges; Corinne Seals, Jonathan Newton,
       Madeline Ash and Bao Trang Thi Nguyen -- Translanguaging 
       for Vocabulary Development: A Mixed Methods Study with 
       International Students in a Canadian English for Academic 
       Purposes Program; Angelica Galante -- EFL Instructors' 
       Ambivalent Ideological Stances Toward Translanguaging: 
       Collaborative Reflection on Language Ideologies; Christian
       Fallas Escobar -- Chapter 15. Effects of Teachers' 
       Language Ideologies on Language Learners' Translanguaging 
       Practices in an Intensive English Program; Laila Aghai, 
       Peter Sayer, and Mary Lou Vercellotti -- Conclusions: 
       Translanguaging as Transformation in TESOL; Peter Sayer 
520    To respond to the multilingual turn in language education,
       this volume constitutes a challenge to the traditional, 
       monolingual, and native speakerism paradigm in the field 
       of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
       through a translanguaging lens. The chapters offer complex
       global perspectives - with contributions from five 
       continents - to open critical conversations on how to 
       conceptualize and implement translanguaging in teacher 
       education and classrooms of various contexts. The 
       researchers exhibit a shared commitment to transforming 
       TESOL profession that values teachers' and learners' full 
       linguistic repertoires. This volume should prove a 
       valuable resource for students, teachers, and researchers 
       interested in English teaching and learning, applied 
       linguistics, second language acquisition, and social 
       justice. This is a welcome addition to the growing 
       literature on translanguaging as a new lens on a variety 
       of topics in language education with a distinctive focus 
       on TESOL. The global perspective is a real strength of the
       volume. It will, as the editors promise, transform TESOL 
       education. Li Wei, Chair of Applied Linguistics, UCL 
       Institute of Education, University College London, UK 
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650  0 Language and education 
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650 14 Language Teaching 
650 24 Language Education 
650 24 Language Education 
650 24 Multilingualism 
650 24 Bilingualism 
700 1  Tian, Zhongfeng,|eeditor 
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830  0 Educational linguistics ;|vvolume 45 
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