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100 1  Nair, Shreejay 
245 12 A Visualization Dashboard for Muslim Social Movements 
300    46 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 50-05, 
       page: 3228 
500    Adviser: Hasan Davulcu 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--Arizona State University, 2012 
520    Muslim radicalism is recognized as one of the greatest 
       security threats for the United States and the rest of the
       world. Use of force to eliminate specific radical entities
       is ineffective in containing radicalism as a whole. There 
       is a need to understand the origin, ideologies and 
       behavior of Radical and Counter-Radical organizations and 
       how they shape up over a period of time. Recognizing and 
       supporting counter-radical organizations is one of the 
       most important steps towards impeding radical 
520    A lot of research has already been done to categorize and 
       recognize organizations, to understand their behavior, 
       their interactions with other organizations, their target 
       demographics and the area of influence. We have a huge 
       amount of information which is a result of the research 
       done over these topics. This thesis provides a powerful 
       and interactive way to navigate through all this 
       information, using a Visualization Dashboard. The 
       dashboard makes it easier for Social Scientists, Policy 
       Analysts, Military and other personnel to visualize an 
       organization's propensity towards violence and radicalism.
       It also tracks the peaking religious, political and socio-
       economic markers, their target demographics and locations.
       A powerful search interface with parametric search helps 
       in narrowing down to specific scenarios and view the 
       corresponding information related to the organizations. 
       This tool helps to identify moderate Counter-Radical 
       organizations and also has the potential of predicting the
       orientation of various organizations based on the current 
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