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100 1  Bayart, Frederic,|eauthor 
245 10 Dynamics of linear operators /|cFrederic Bayart, Etienne 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2009 
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490 1  Cambridge tracts in mathematics ;|v179 
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       Oct 2015) 
505 0  Hypercyclic and supercyclic operators -- Hypercyclicity 
       everywhere -- Connectedness and hypercyclicity -- Weakly 
       mixing operators -- Ergodic theory and linear dynamics -- 
       Beyond hypercyclicity -- Common hypercyclic vectors -- 
       Hypercyclic subspaces -- Supercyclicity and the Angle 
       Criterion -- Linear dynamics and the weak topology -- 
       Universality of the Riemann zeta function -- Introduction 
       to Read-type operators 
520    The dynamics of linear operators is a young and rapidly 
       evolving branch of functional analysis. In this book, 
       which focuses on hypercyclicity and supercyclicity, the 
       authors assemble the wide body of theory that has received
       much attention over the last fifteen years and present it 
       for the first time in book form. Selected topics include 
       various kinds of 'existence theorems', the role of 
       connectedness in hypercyclicity, linear dynamics and 
       ergodic theory, frequently hypercyclic and chaotic 
       operators, hypercyclic subspaces, the angle criterion, 
       universality of the Riemann zeta function, and an 
       introduction to operators without non-trivial invariant 
       subspaces. Many original results are included, along with 
       important simplifications of proofs from the existing 
       research literature, making this an invaluable guide for 
       students of the subject. This book will be useful for 
       researchers in operator theory, but also accessible to 
       anyone with a reasonable background in functional analysis
       at the graduate level 
650  0 Linear operators 
700 1  Matheron, Etienne,|eauthor 
830  0 Cambridge tracts in mathematics ;|v179 
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