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100 1  Beadle, Phil 
245 10 Literacy :|bCommas, colons, connectives and conjunctions 
264  1 Toronto :|bCrown House Publishing,|c2014 
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490 1  How to Teach 
505 0  Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- 
       Acknowledgements -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction --
       Barrier 1: Poor literacy skills amongst teachers -- 
       Solution 1: Learn the rules of punctuation -- teach them 
       to the -- Barrier 2: Teachers not being models of Standard
       English -- Solution 2: All teachers to use Standard 
       English as the only language -- Barrier 3: Oracy not being
       taken seriously enough, and the -- Solution 3: Dispense 
       with teacher led discussion and organise talk in -- 
       Barrier 4: Not enough extended writing anywhere, ever -- 
       Solution 4a: Do lots of different varieties of writing -- 
       Solution 4b: Reintroduce story time in primary schools -- 
       Barrier 5: Marking not being taken anywhere near seriously
       -- Solution 5: Use creative approaches to formative 
       assessment and -- Barrier 6: Well-meaning idiots telling 
       kids that spelling isn't -- Solution 6: Erm, teach them to
       spell -- Barrier 7: Teachers' irrational fear of grammar 
       and lack of -- Solution 7: Stop being afraid of things 
       that have no power over -- Barrier 8: Not enough 
       understanding of why students can be -- Solution 8: Give 
       them a taste of success -- Barrier 9: Not enough poetry 
       anywhere, ever -- The final solution - infect your school 
       with poetry -- The sense of an ending -- Bibliography -- 
520    Literacy is important. This book is about getting it 
       right. Its author is an expert in teaching children how to
       speak and write well, and has transformed the oral and 
       written communication skills of many thousands of 
       students. In How to Teach: Literacy he shares how he does 
       it and what he knows about this most important of all 
       skills and reveals what every teacher needs to know in 
       order to radically transform literacy standards across the
       curriculum. The stories, anecdotes and insights into the 
       many practical activities in this book are, in turn, and 
       often in the same sentence, heart breaking, inspiring, 
       shocking and, as ever, funnier and more readable than 
       those in an education book have any right to be. Contains 
       everything teachers need to know to teach literacy 
       effectively, regardless of their subject specialism or 
       phase. If you want to make sure that every child leaves 
       your class knowing the rules and how to use them, this is 
       the book for you. If you think that literacy is difficult,
       or boring, or not your responsibility, be ready to be 
       proved wrong. Discover practical activities, spelling 
       strategies, tips for teaching punctuation and grammar 
       guides that are anything but didactic and dull 
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650  0 Literacy -- Study and teaching 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aBeadle, Phil|tLiteracy : Commas, colons,
       connectives and conjunctions|dToronto : Crown House 
830  0 How to Teach 
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