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100 1  Behrens, Alexandra Antonia 
245 10 Investigation whether the German credit financial market 
       is promising for consulting fees as an alternative to 
       traditional commission banking 
300    76 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-05, 
       page: 2901 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--University of Louisville, 2010 
520    This thesis is written to investigate if and how far the 
       German credit financial market could be promising for 
       consulting fees in the field of mortgage loan banking 
520    The problem identified is an extensively discussed issue 
       in the German credit financial sector. In solving the 
       problem the author made some literature research and 
       points out different modes of determining consulting fees.
       The author faces the challenge that, up to now, there is 
       hardly any literature on the application of mortgage loan 
       consulting fees in Germany. Secondly, a form concerning 
       mortgage loan related business in conjunction with 
       customers' attitudes towards consulting fees was designed 
       and distributed for a survey. In addition to the survey, a
       Monte Carlo simulation model shows the coherence of 
       debiting consulting fees and the possibility of economies 
       of scale for German retail banks 
520    The results of the study as well as the simulation model 
       are astonishing and path-breaking for further research on 
       this topic in that there seems to be a basic willingness 
       among prospects to pay consulting fees for mortgage loan 
       consulting services that are presently offered for "free" 
       in Germany. Another main finding constitutes that even 
       rather small consulting fees have a great effect on the 
       revenue of the bank 
590    School code: 0110 
650  4 Business Administration, Management 
650  4 Economics, Finance 
650  4 Business Administration, Banking 
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710 2  University of Louisville 
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