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100 1  Amann, Herbert 
245 10 Functional Analysis and Evolution Equations :|bThe Günter 
       Lumer Volume 
264  1 Basel :|bSpringer Basel AG,|c2007 
264  4 |c©2008 
300    1 online resource (655 pages) 
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505 0  Intro -- CONTENTS -- Portrait of Günter Lumer -- Life and 
       Work of Günter Lumer -- Expansions in Generalized 
       Eigenfunctions of the Weighted Laplacian on Star-shaped 
       Networks -- Diffusion Equations with Finite Speed of 
       Propagation -- Subordinated Multiparameter Groups of 
       Linear Operators: Properties via the Transference 
       Principle -- An Integral Equation in AeroElasticity -- 
       Eigenvalue Asymptotics Under a Non-dissipative Eigenvalue 
       Dependent Boundary Condition for Second-order Elliptic 
       Operators -- Feynman-Kac Formulas, Backward Stochastic 
       Differential Equations and Markov Processes -- Generation 
       of Cosine Families on L p (0, 1) by Elliptic Operators 
       with Robin Boundary Conditions -- Global Smooth Solutions 
       to a Fourth-order Quasilinear Fractional Evolution 
       Equation -- Positivity Property of Solutions of Some 
       Quasilinear Elliptic Inequalities -- On a Stochastic 
       Parabolic Integral Equation -- Resolvent Estimates for a 
       Perturbed Oseen Problem -- Abstract Delay Equations 
       Inspired by Population Dynamics -- Weak Stability for 
       Orbits of C 0 -semigroups on Banach Spaces -- Contraction 
       Semigroups on L ∞ (R) -- On the Curve Shortening Flow 
       with Triple Junction -- The Dual Mixed Finite Element 
       Method for the Heat Diffusion Equation in a Polygonal 
       Domain, I -- Maximal Regularity of the Stokes Operator in 
       General Unbounded Domains of R n -- Linear Control Systems
       in Sequence Spaces -- On the Motion of Several Rigid 
       Bodies in a Viscous Multipolar Fluid -- L p Spaces in 
       Exterior Domains -- Generation of Analytic Semigroups and 
       Domain Characterization for Degenerate Elliptic Operators 
       with Unbounded Coefficients Arising in Financial 
       Mathematics. Part II -- Numerical Approximation of 
       Generalized Functions: Aliasing, the Gibbs Phenomenon and 
       a Numerical Uncertainty Principle -- No Radial Symmetries 
       in the Arrhenius-Semenov Thermal Explosion Equation 
505 8  Mild Well-posedness of Abstract Differential Equations -- 
       Backward Uniqueness in Linear Thermoelasticity with Time 
       and Space Variable Coefficients -- Measure and Integral: 
       New Foundations after One Hundred Years -- Post-Widder 
       Inversion for Laplace Transforms of Hyperfunctions -- On a
       Class of Elliptic Operators with Unbounded Time- and Space
       -dependent Coefficients in R N -- Time-dependent Nonlinear
       Perturbations of Analytic Semigroups -- A Variational 
       Approach to Strongly Damped Wave Equations -- Exponential 
       and Polynomial Stability Estimates for the Wave Equation 
       and Maxwell's System with Memory Boundary Conditions -- 
       Maximal Regularity for Degenerate Evolution Equations with
       an Exponential Weight Function -- An Analysis of Asian 
       options -- Linearized Stability and Regularity for 
       Nonlinear Age-dependent Population Models -- Space Almost 
       Periodic Solutions of Reaction Diffusion Equations -- On 
       the Oseen Semigroup with Rotating Effect -- Exact 
       Controllability in L 2 (Ω) of the Schrödinger Equation in 
       a Riemannian Manifold with L 2 (Σ 1 )-Neumann Boundary 
       Control -- List of Authors 
520    GA1/4nter Lumer was an outstanding mathematician whose 
       work has great influence on the research community in 
       mathematical analysis and evolution equations. He was at 
       the origin of the breath-taking development the theory of 
       semigroups saw after the pioneering book of Hille and 
       Phillips of 1957. This volume contains invited 
       contributions presenting the state of the art of these 
       topics and reflecting the broad interests of GA1/4nter 
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650  0 Lumer, Günter, -- 1929-;Evolution 
       equations.;Functional analysis 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Arendt, Wolfgang 
700 1  Neubrander, Frank 
700 1  Nicaise, Serge 
700 1  Below, Joachim 
700 1  von Below, Joachim 
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       Evolution Equations : The Günter Lumer Volume|dBasel : 
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