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245 14 The electronic transitions of molecular oxygen /|cby 
       Mikkel Bregnhoj 
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520    This book presents the fundamentals and the state of the 
       art of the photophysics of molecular oxygen. The author 
       examines optical transitions between the lowest-lying 
       electronic states in molecular oxygen and how these 
       transitions respond to perturbation, either from an 
       organic molecule or from the plasmon field of a metal 
       nanoparticle. We live on a planet filled with light and 
       oxygen. The interaction between these two components forms
       the basis of excited state chemistry spanning the fields 
       of synthetic organic chemistry, materials chemistry, 
       molecular biology, and photodynamic treatment of cancer. 
       Still, the fundamental ways in which oxygen is affected by
       light is an active subject of research and is continually 
       being developed and rationalized. In this book, readers 
       will learn that singlet oxygen, the excited state of 
       oxygen that exhibits unique chemical reactivity, can be 
       selectively made via direct optical excitation of oxygen 
       in a sensitizer-free system. Readers will also discover 
       that this approach can perturb living cells differently 
       depending on the singlet oxygen "dose" 
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