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100 1  Chang, Eunjung 
245 10 Making personal meaning from a museum experience: 
       Undergraduate students' art learning experiences at the 
       Indiana University Art Museum 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 68-
       07, Section: A, page: 2767 
500    Adviser: Enid Zimmermen 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Indiana University, 2007 
520    Recent research acknowledges that visitors come to museums
       with their own agendas and construct their own meanings 
       about museum objects and experiences. Even in highly 
       structured tours, regardless of tour goals, visitors' 
       different expectations, previous museum experiences, and 
       levels of perceptual skills mean that a museum experience 
       is often personal and individual rather than standard and 
       generic. As such, understanding the nature of personal 
       meaning-making and various kinds of meanings that students
       take away from art museum experiences are important to art
       teachers for maximizing students' learning experiences 
       from a museum tour 
520    In this study, I examined ways different students 
       constructed their learning experiences with works of art 
       in a highly structured docent tour at the Indiana 
       University Art Museum (IUAM). Questions asked were: What 
       did students learn about the IUAM and its works of art? 
       How did they construct their own meanings from their 
       museum experiences? What personal meanings did they take 
       away from the experience? I also examined students' 
       learning at a museum compared with learning on an online 
       web-based tour about the same works of art. This study was
       designed as a case study and qualitative methods were used
       to collect, analyze, and interpret the data. Falk and 
       Dierking's (2000) Contextual Model of Learning was used as
       a conceptual framework to interpret findings. As a result,
       this study supports Falk and Dierking's contention that 
       visitor's museum experiences are filtered through their 
       personal contexts, mediated by the socio-cultural contexts,
       and embedded within physical contexts of a museum. However,
       it did not confirm all eight factors that Falk and 
       Dierking cited as significant for quality learning and 
       needed for personal meaning-making. In the highly 
       structured and required museum tour, students' motivations,
       beliefs, and cultural backgrounds did not influence their 
       meaning-making as a result of the IUAM learning 
       experience. In particular, students easily changed their 
       perceptions about visiting an art museum, either 
       positively or negatively, from their museum experiences. 
       It was concluded that the IUAM tour can be made more 
       meaningful for diverse students when it reinforces 
       contextual learning experiences and addresses the nature 
       of individual students' personal meaning-making based on 
       their past museum experiences, expectations about the 
       museum and its collections, and their own personal 
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