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245 10 Equivalent-small-parameter analysis of DC/DC switched-mode
       converter /|cby Yanfeng Chen, Bo Zhang 
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490 1  CPSS power electronics series,|x2520-8853 
505 0  Introduction -- Review on Modeling and Analysis Methods of
       Switched-mode Converter -- A General Nonlinear 
       Mathematical Model of DC/DC Converters -- Equivalent-Small
       -Parameters Method (ESPM) -- Modeling and Analysis of Open
       -loop PWM DC/DC Converters Based on ESPM -- Modeling and 
       Analysis of Voltage-mode Controlled PWM DC/DC Converters 
       Based on ESPM -- Modeling and Analysis of Current-mode 
       Controlled PWM DC/DC Converters Based on ESPM -- Modeling 
       and Analysis of PFM Quasi-Resonant DC/DC Converters Based 
       on ESPM -- Stability Analysis of DC/DC Converters Based on
       ESPM -- Summary 
520    This book focuses on the applications of Equivalent-Small-
       Parameter Method (ESPM) in solving the steady-state 
       periodic solutions, as well as stability analysis, of 
       kinds of open-loop or closed-loop operated DC/DC 
       converters, such as PWM, quasi-resonant and resonant ones.
       The analytical expressions of DC components and harmonics 
       of state variables (inductor current and capacitor 
       voltage) with DC/DC converters can be obtained by ESPM, 
       which can be helpful to understand the nonlinear operating
       mechanism of switched-mode converters. It can also be 
       useful for stability analysis and design for practical 
       converters. Modeling and analysis on all kinds of DC/DC 
       converters are introduced in detail in this book, along 
       with a large amount of simulation or experimental 
       waveforms to verify the correctness of the theoretical 
       analysis based on ESPM 
650  0 DC-to-DC converters 
650 14 Engineering 
650 24 Circuits and Systems 
650 24 Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Networks 
650 24 Systems Theory, Control 
700 1  Zhang, Bo,|eauthor 
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830  0 CPSS power electronics series 
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