MARC 主機 00000cam  22002771a 4500 
001    aas04294491 
005    20060509155450.0 
007    cr mn mmmmabba 
008    860410s1818    dcu     s    f000 0 eng d 
040    MWA|cMWA|edcrb 
100 1  Claxton, Thomas 
245 10 Sir, Agreeably to a resolution of the House of 
       Representatives of the United States, of the 25th of March,
       1818,|h[electronic resource] :|ba part of the documents 
       ordered to be printed by that branch of the legislature, 
       are to be apportioned as follows, and will be delivered by
       Mr. De Krafft, printer to Congress, near Davis' Hotel, to 
       those messengers who are authorized by a written order to 
       receive them. .. 
260    [Washington, D.C. :|bPrinted by Edward De Krafft,|c1818] 
300    1 sheet ([1] p.) 
500    Signed: Thomas Claxton [doorkeeper for House of 
       Representatives]. November 16th, 1818 
510 4  Shaw & Shoemaker|c46606 
530    Microform version available in the Readex Early American 
       Imprints series 
533    Electronic text and image data.|b[Chester, Vt. :|cReadex, 
       a division of Newsbank, Inc.,|d2004-2007]|eIncludes files 
       in TIFF, GIF and PDF formats with inclusion of keyword 
       searchable text.|f(Early American imprints. Second series 
       ; no. 46606) 
600 10 De Krafft, Edward,|d1790-1833 
650  0 Printing, Public|zUnited States 
650  0 Printing, Legislative|zUnited States 
655  7 Broadsides.|2rbgenr 
710 1  United States.|bCongress|n(15th, 1st session :|d1817-
752    United States|bDistrict of Columbia|dWashington 
830  0 Early American imprints.|nSecond series ;|vno. 46606 
856 41 |u|yShaw-
       Shoemaker Digital Edition